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Default How To: ''legendary defender of ascalon''

This is an in-depth guide on how to achieve the title ''Legendary Defender of Ascalon''.

---Feel free to critique, just make it positive---

This title will take a minimum of 710 hours to accomplish due to the fact that the highest level monster in Pre-Searing is level 10; do not attempt unless you are willing to make this commitment.

Although if you do wish to hurry the process sacrifice your health using the necromancer profession

How do you achieve this title?
You achieve this title simply by reaching level 20 in Pre-Searing.

Step 1. Your character(takes 5 minutes)
Any character will do, but most prefer to use warriors, necromancers, mesmers, or monks. This is due to the fact that these characters have rather nice skills in Pre-Searing. I would not recomend using the ranger as soloing with these are very hard, still possible though

Also, it would bring me great joy if your characters name were ____ Is Leet to keep the tradition going, currently there are…
Emovan Is Leet (XoO)
Amish Is Leet (no longer in gw's)
Dorn Caplan Is Leet (XoO)

here are the 3 of the 4 founders enjoying themselves with a little jig, cheer, and /taunt

[in order from left to right, amish at level 13, Ju at level 13, Emovan at level 12]
My Characters:
Ju Is Leet
Leet Elee
Leet nec
Leet rngr
Leet war

…so keep the tradition alive.

WARNING: DO NOT ACCEPT ANY REWARDS FROM ANY QUESTS unless I specifically say otherwise in this guide.

Step 2. Reaching level 2(takes 15 minutes if you do not include time to get armor, but if armor time is included then 30 minutes to one hour)
This is the easy part, just head out of Ascalon City immediately and take your first primary skills quest. This is the only quest you will accept the reward from until level 19, and completing it gets you a few skills.

Once you get those skills, run around and kill random enemies until you reach level 2. Then you will get the skills that you receive at the beginning of your other skill quests. You will not accept a reward until level 19. This will greatly hurry the process up and make it a little more fun; you will find where your trainers are at on this page.

Now is a good time to get your max armor, you can look it up on this page.

Now you have 2 options, you can either A. continue on to step 3 or B. kill some ice golems. If you wish to take option B head southwest out of ascalon city and go southwest to foibles lair. Once their quickly zone and rezone so that you have the city on your map. Take a right outside of Foibles and follow the only path available. Eventually you will see a ginormous! tower that is impossible to miss. Below the tower is an elementalist npc with the elementalist secondary quest. Take the quest complete it but DO NOT except the reward. Head back to town and abandon the quest. Repeat the process untill level 4 or 5 and keep the icy lodestones to sell at 10gp

Step 3. Reaching level 10(takes 5-6 hours)
Now you get the tedious part where you cannot afk. A new quest "Charr at the Gate" is available from Prince Rurik in Ascalon City.

Once you have the quest, leave town and wait for Rurik to start walking, you can simply follow him and he will lead you to the Charr. At the Charr, watch Rurik and his crew hack apart the Charr in all their might while you gain experience. Make sure to keep them in your aggro bubble, as if they are not in it you will not gain the experience points.

Once they are all dead, DO NOT accept the reward, instead head back to town and abandon the quest. Head back to Rurik, take the quest, and repeat. If you happen to accept the reward, just start over as you are hardly into your journey yet. (If you are level 9+ just find a helper and skip to step 4.)

Step 4. Reaching level 14(takes 5-10 hours, greatly depends on your team)
Now you should be level 10 and ready to kill some more Charr. Take the quest "Across the Wall", found at the same location as you were fighting Charr before from Gate Guard Torin.

This is where it gets hard. You will need 2 people to get to the norhtwoods, which is where you will kill the charr, (easiest to just pay someone 50g to ''open gate'' for you). To get to the gate exit ascalon city and head north west to get to the gate. Have one person use the lever while the other one walks through the gate. Once through head straight north until you find the first group of Charr

Pull the first group of charr using either a longbow or a flatbow

Now to seperate the charr. Grab this first group and wander far away until you start to notice that 3/4 of the charr start to go back

One caster will follow you away from the group and remain ''idle'' or it will only cast its spells but will not attack. kill it. Once it is dead the next caster will come next and be idle like the last one. Repeat this untill there are only Charr Hunters, blade storms and axe fiends.

Now move in close to reagro the mellee charr who are stuborn and will refuse to be pulled back to an ''idle'' position

if there are hunters it is a good idea to place a wall in between yourself and the enemy to stop those pesky high damage per shot arrows

Once you have finished killing off the first group move onto the second group that has a patrol going into that little blown up house. Once again take out your flat/long bow and take a shot a them. Pull untill they are seperated and kill that first idle caster. Then kill the second. to finish the group once again move in close to agro the melee Charr and maybe put a little something between you and the hunters if they are any there.

CONGRATULATIONS you have completed what i call the ''first section'' of northwoods. Now onto the ''second section''.

Continue northern until you have come upon the next group of charr which is typically a group of 3(sometimes 4). Dont agro them fromt he south, instead avoid them and sneak around to the left side before agroing. Once you are to the left of them take out your bow, shoot and then immediately turn and run.

''your enemies enemy is your friend'', remember this and use it. Oak's will fight charr so let them do the tanking for you. continue pulling the group of charr around the rock and into the crevice where your agro bubble will join the oakies and charr into fighting each other. Once there fighitng is secured, start laying down some damage of your own until the charr fall.

Grabbing the next group is a bit harder. head back around the rock and you will notice that two groups of charr are in the same spot. 2 charr warriors will be left behind along with 3/4 of the rest of the group leaving you with the idle caster. To do this, agro the group using your long/flat bow and run around the rock and and maybe alittle past it(various with each run).

Once seperated kill the idle casters untill only the melee is left.

head back around the rock to grab the melee. If you get way into the corner they will come.

make sure to keep the cliff's edge inbetween you and them

Eventually you will come across a BIG group of Charr including 4 level 10 bosses, key to reaching level 16 later on. Pull out each group one by one and put the mountain inbetween you and them, cast them to death. Or, if you have someone that needs them in their sights have one person take aggro and pull them into position while the other waits to flank them from the back or side.

Due to the fact that many patches are continueally changing how the charr react in each situation i have decided not to complete how to kill the charr as it has already changed from what i had set up in pictures. It seemed most logical to leave the work that i have done to give you possible ideas on how to work it but i will leave most of it up to you to figure out what to do. In order to figure out how to kill the charr just head over the wall and keep at it untill they are all dead. As there is no death penalty you can only go up(you expierience bar i mean)
Good teams for this:

* monk and warrior
* monk and mesmer - with Backfire and Empathy
* 2 mesmers - one concentrates on casters, the other on melee
* monk and necro
* warrior and necro

These are not all the possible teams, but they are my personal favorites.

Step 5. Reaching level 16(takes 40-100 hours, depends on if you solo the bosses or not as well as the quality of your team)
At this point you should have gained much more expierience in killing charr and how they react in each situation as well as general knowledge of the few skills u have.

Step 6. Reaching level 19+3500 exp(takes about 700 hours)
DEATH LEVELING FTW!!! The most effective, time effecient and fastest way of doing this is by death leveling using the charr. Certain charr group are capeable of being pulled all the way to the ressurection shrine. This is a more complex thing of reaching LDoA and as there is already a great guide written on this subject at i have concluded not to write another one.

-What is death leveling?
Death leveling is leveling up a monster by letting them kill you repeatedly until they are level 20.

-How it works:
Outside of Ashford Abbey there is a res shrine to the south. Gather 3 moa birds from around the shrine (sometimes there are only 2) and let them kill you repeatedly. You should be next to the shrine while they kill you so when you are ressed they can kill you again. Each group of 3 should take about 2-3 hours for them to reach level 20.

Step 7. Reaching level 20(1-5 hours, depends on how much you screw around ;-)
Definitely the most fun part, simply do all the remaining quests and you're set.

Q1. How long does this title take?
A1. anywhere from 710 to upwards of 1000 hours, but of those countless hours many are afk.

Q2. I still don't get what death leveling is.
A2. Death leveling is a system to level up a enemy monster in order so that you can get exp from it.

Q3. Where can i death level?
A3. You can death level just outside of ashford abbey by agroing a moa bird over the the res shrine and then letting it kill, but don't forget to take off your armor to hury it up.

Q4. Every time I die the moa bird runs away, why wont it stay!?
A4. Sometimes you have to rezone several times before you get a good spawn. When you comeout the moa bird must already be close enough to the spawn or have it in its patrol for it to stay after you die.

Q5. Where do you farm for gold and/or dyes?
A5.I farm off of the skales and spiders found outside of Fort Ranik using my ele, this will start working at level 5(if done right you will consistantly end with 8 health). To farm these head outside of Fort Ranik and go north.

Once outside go and collect all the skales into the smallest area possible, then cast aura of restoration + Firestorm into the middle of the group. ASAP start spamming flare to keep your health up. Another possible location is if you go to ashford abbey southwest of ascalon city, there is a portal into "The Catacombs" just simply stay to the left side of the catacombs untill you have worked your way through all the gargoyles.

Q6. How do you charm a bear? and is this even possible?
A6. Taming a Black Bear in Pre-Searing is very difficult but not impossible. It takes two people working together to do this. Have the bear engage the other player, and have the one trying to charm the bear, stand so that the bear will be on the edge of his aggro bubble. Both players should wait until the bear uses its Brutal Mauling skill. You can figure out when by counting the bear's attacks - it will use it every fourth attack. As soon as it does, the charmer must use Charm Animal, and the other player must run in the other direction. The bear must be made to chase the retreating player to get it far from the one using the skill. If done correctly, the bear will have moved too far away for it to use Breaking Charm in time. It will definitely require several tries to get it right.

Q7. How can I obtain a Vampric weapon (-1 health degeneration)
A7. Although a weapon can no longer be found with the modification of "vampric" as it has been updated so that only gold items can have this modification. Although sometimes someone will have this from before that update it will be quite costly(price is totally at wim of person who has the item). Recently though there has been speculation as to whether u can find a weapon with the inherant mod with +X% damage with a penalty of -1 health degeneration, but this is yet to be confirmed(if you find one take SEVERAL screenshots at different angles as proof to that you found it)

And thanks to Savio for editing this for me!


P.S. If you need help, get me ingame at Ju Is Leet(account 1) or Leet War(account 2)

-amish is leet
If you have added something that I have forgotten about feel free to PRIVATELY MESSAGE me

-changed levels in which to end step 2 and start step 3
-added in how much time each step will take APPROXIMATELY
-added the Q&A as well as total time for the title
-added a second option on how to reach level 4 or 5
-added pictures on how to beat the ''first section'' of northwoods
-added some of the pictures for the ''second section'' of northwoods
-added ''other information''
-added credits section
-added amish is leet to credits
-added catacombs to farming dyes locations
-concluded charr farming techniques
-revised step 6
-edited timeline for Q&A question 1
-edited point from where to start questiong (19+250 exp to 19+3500 exp)

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Don't suppose there's a way to do this without sacrificing the survivor title?
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there is, but are you willing to add on another 100+hours w/o being afk?

here is what you do:
instead of letting the moa death lvl off of you ''test'' the secondary ranger for skills to get charm animal, go charm an animal and make sure it is also lvl 16 when you try this. Instead of haveing the moa kill you get it to kill your animal, you cannot afk for this as you have to keep ressing the pet yourself.

GL WITH THIS...i would recomend going for LDoA and survivor, but if you do i will bow in your honor
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Sounds extremely boring to do.
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it is

my charr, Amish Is Leet is only lvl 9 or ten, i forget and has takne about 9 hours. and now, it can take up tp 3-4 hours PER lvl.
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Is it worth killing the Rogue Bull while doing Charr at the Gate?
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Jungle Guide
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Ive never heard of this title nor have i ever seen anyone with it... someone post a screenie of it, until then, i dont believe it because theres nothing on wiki

EDIT: NVM, When I looked on Wiki, it was down, and googles saved page was outdated.

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It exists. There are screen shots on wiki. There are screen shots in the Tyrian Explorers forum. Look around.
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great piece of work ther, thanks, just what i needed,

well that and a free 100+hours

but seriously, thanks
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Originally Posted by legendel
great piece of work ther, thanks, just what i needed,

well that and a free 100+hours

but seriously, thanks
Yeah nice guide. Now before I try this can anyone confirm if this is a Account-wide title? Or just character-wide?

Also 100 hour may seem a long time, but when you think about it, you can leave your game AFK while you go to work or school. Only real worry is err=007ing while leveling the mobs up.
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Nice guide, tnx a lot, only 1 thing:
How long does this take to get to lvl 20?
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Originally Posted by Angel Develin
Nice guide, tnx a lot, only 1 thing:
How long does this take to get to lvl 20?
You didnt read the guide.

Up there, under the word "Warning" is:

Originally Posted by the warning says
This title will take a minimum of 100 hours to accomplish due to the fact that the highest level monster in Pre-Searing is level 10; do not attempt unless you are willing to make this commitment.

Good God! good guide, man! You have inspired me to go thru presear again
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Im gonna give this a try. Name is "Neo Is Leet".
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There is no spoon.
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I'd love to get this and Legenary Survivor Maybe I'll give it a go, just for fun.
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When will the title progress show on your Title tab?
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I believe its lvl 12.
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Good guide Still I find it pretty ironic that you can become Legendary Defender of Ascalon, by letting a flock of moabirds repeatedly kill you over and over again, but I respect the dedication of those who go through this all anyway

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are you sure they even hae that title because i have look evey where and i don't seem to see anything saying that you can get a title for reaching lvl 20 in pre
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there is another way to get this title without trashing the survivor. get a friend to lvl up your dear pet moa birds. of coarse someone is going to be sacking one of there titles that or pay someone maybe not a friend.
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All that boring boring boring for a title which does jack.. 100 hours? Thats more than 4 days.
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