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Cool GW Elite Skill Cap Tracker package v1.0

Simple GW Elite Skill Cap Tracker package v1.0
by Davehall (Guild Wars Guru forums member)

This package contains two files, which consists of (1) a simple spreadsheet for tracking elites earned plus (2) an html file for pulling up Wiki pages.

The spreadsheet lists the profession + elite skill name and a simple pull-down selector for choosing either "Need", "Capped", "Double Weekend capped", "Used Tome", etc. There is a running total of elites earned at the top plus amount of experience earned (for those aiming for the Survivor title track).

The second file is a hand-coded HTML file that when launched positions itself as a sidebar menu on the left-side of your screen, displaying all 290 Elite Skill names (by profession); this sidebar menu is divided into sections: main section, elite skill cap locations, and Wiki pages on elite skills. Clicking on any of the items in this sidebar will bring up the wiki page for that item in a separate browser window -- depending on your browser pop-up settings; you may not be able to see this second browser window.

This package was created purely for my personal use, but I hope others may find it useful.

The spreadsheet was created in Open Office 3.1 then opened/verified/saved in MS Excel 2003. The hand-coded HTML file is designed on and targeted towards Firefox 3.6.13. No real testing was performed in Internet Explorer beyond simply checking to see if the file loads ok. (You may need to adjust the browser view-size settings in IE.)

The boss locations listed in the sidebar are chosen with the following in mind:
  • Quicker or easier access to elite skill bosses from towns and outposts
  • Town/outposts access is chosen over Missions whenever possible
  • Survivor-friendly (when possible)
How to use package:

This package assumes your character has (or should have) access to most town/outposts in GW.

Survivalists should carefully read everything on the wiki page regarding this title then determine for themselves whether skill capping is for them. (There are other much safer methods for earning experience for the Survivor title.)

A character with between 100 to 190 unspent skill points (either earned or transferred) and enough in-game cash to purchase the number of Signet of Capture needed for skill capping.

Heroes: modded and rune up, running your favourite meta team build (e.g. Discordway, Sabway, uber-“my build kicks butt” way, etc.)

It is conceivable that you can cap between 100-150 elites (or more) in little as 10-12 hours with a full team of well-equipped heroes/henchmen.

Getting started:

Load the spreadsheet and resize it so it appears on one side of your screen then open GW in windowed mode. Resize the GW window so you can still view the spreadsheet without it be blocking.
  1. Load your GW character then bring up the character skill menu. Sort the skill list by profession.
  2. Starting with your primary profession skills check off the elites you already have on the spreadsheet (i.e. “Used Tome”)
  3. Repeat the above step for each of your secondary elite professions skills.
  4. Enter your character’s current experience on the spreadsheet, in the area provided (only if you wish to track experience earned through skill capping.)
  5. Launch the html file.
  6. Purchase some Signet of Capture skills from a skill trainer
  7. Load up your party (heroes/henchmen), equip a Signet of Capture on your character’s skillbar and start capping. Use any method desired for coordinating/tracking your efforts, on the spreadsheet.
Other tips:

Read the wiki page for each boss before going out to cap that boss’ elite skill – the wiki will often give information on other foes in the surrounding area, what to watch out for, whether to bring two or more Signet of Capture for capping other bosses in the area, etc.

Survivalists may want to consider saving the follow elites (listed below) for last and/or use elite tomes. Also, consider building up your character to rank 1 (or level 20), obtaining heroes, etc. before attempting to cap some of some of the more harder boss elites.

Assassin - Assault Enchantments
Assassin - Mark of Insecurity
Dervish - Arcane Zeal
Dervish - Onslaught
Elementalist - Glyph of Energy
Elementalist - Glyph of Renewal
Elementalist - Mind Blast
Elementalist - Sandstorm
Elementalist - Savannah Heat
Mesmer - Fevered Dreams
Mesmer - Panic
Mesmer - Power Flux
Mesmer - Signet of Illusions
Mesmer - Signet of Midnight
Mesmer - Symbols of Inspiration
Monk - Amity
Monk - Defender's Zeal
Monk - Divert Hexes
Monk - Healer's Covenant
Monk - Healing Hands
Monk - Martyr
Monk - Restore Condition
Monk - Scribe's Insight
Monk - Shield of Deflection
Monk - Shield of Judgment
Necromancer - Aura of the Lich
Necromancer - Feast of Corruption
Necromancer - Order of Undeath
Necromancer - Signet of Suffering
Necromancer - Soul Leech
Necromancer - Wither
Paragon - Angelic Bond
Paragon - Anthem of Fury
Paragon - "The Power Is Yours!"
Ranger - Greater Conflagration
Ranger - Incendiary Arrows
Ranger - Magebane Shot
Ranger - Scavenger's Focus
Ritualist - Caretaker's Charge
Ritualist - Offering of Spirit
Ritualist - Signet of Ghostly Might
Ritualist - Wanderlust
Ritualist - Xinrae's Weapon

Areas with more than one boss and/or share the same spawning location with other bosses that require entering more than once:
  • Elona Reach (Mission)
  • Grenth's Footprint
  • Mineral Springs
  • Lornar's Pass (outside Beacon's Perch)
  • Sorrow's Furnace
  • Snake Dance (outside Camp Rankor)
  • Tahnnakai Temple (Mission)
  • Talus Chute (outside Camp Rankor)
  • Witman's Folly
Davehall (Guild Wars Guru forums member)
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