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Default Profit by crafting materials

File type: Microsoft Office 2007 Spreadsheet (.xlsx)
Description: This spreadsheet will help you decide what to do with all your excess materials.
Sheet 1: Inventory
Fill in how many units of a material you have, and do a quick check on the sell price at material trader. The buy price is also included, but isn't used for anything yet. This sheet will calculate the price for all your materials if you were to sell them to a materials trader. For the material sell price, I just load one of each item into my backpack and bags, talk to a material trader and write down the last known quote for each item. A more accurate but time consuming way is to request a quote for each item. Do this for both rare and common materials.

Just remember that common materials are bought and sold in units of 10, be sure to enter the price for a single unit. (If Granite sells for 300 gold for 10 units, you must fill in 30 in sell price. Just divide by 10)

There are 7 columns for each material. Once you reach 250 (a stack) of any material, the cell will become green so it's easier to see how many stacks you have. The cells won't accept values above 250, so once you reach a stack, use a new column.

Sheet 2: Crafting materials
The second sheet calculates the profit/loss of crafting another material. It also calculates how many items you can craft, the cost for crafting all of them and the net gain after selling the crafted items. Anything that would yield in a net profit is shown in green numbers, a net loss will be shown in red.

Beware: This sheet is a bit messy at the moment, I will try to clean it up later.

Sheet 3: Consumables
The third sheet is just a list showing you how many consumables you can craft with numbers based on your inventory.

You only have to edit the first sheet, but if you feel like improving or personalizing, feel free to do so. This zip file contains an empty version (with prices from 10 april 2011), and a partially filled in version, just in case you needed to see how it was done.
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This is a pretty nifty spreadsheet, except when I downloaded and started looking at the code, the D column on sheet 2 - the cost basis for the rare crafting material - is incorrectly coded. It only includes the cost of one of the common materials, not all five or ten, as the rare material requires. That greatly increases the apparent cost to craft rare materials.

As a result, I feel this sheet is probably more useful as a) a comparison tool for whether it's cheaper to buy from a trader/person than to craft than as a tool for what's profitable to craft, and/or b) a consumables calculator.

If you take it in the vein of what you should *avoid* crafting, (I believe) any crafting item that requires another rare crafting item (vial of ink, steel, deldrimor steel) should include either the trader's sale price, or the item-craft cost - or both, for comparison - not the sale cost of the crafting item.

Awesome start!
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