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Default Guide for Filling Hall of Monuments

I made this guide for my own use but i thought i would change it up a bit to help others too... A lot of this is just my personal opinion and if what I pick is not what you think is best feel free to let me know so i can make the guide better. So here we Go


1- Any Pet:
• Easy enough
1- Rare (gold) Minipet:
• Shiro, Rurik, Ox, Tiger (all about 40k)
1- Unique (green) miniature:
• Fill incubator kit for Black moa Chick (also gets the Sorrows Furnace Statue)
• Buy Black Moa Chick or Bone Dragon (50-60k)
2- 20 miniatures:
• 8 first year whites (3k ea)
• 8 second year whites (6k ea)
• 2 Third year whites (10k ea)
1- 30 miniatures:
• 6 third year whites (10k ea)
• 4 fourth year whites (15k ea)
1- 40 miniatures:
• 4 fourth year whites (15k ea)
• 3 first year purples (10k ea)
• 3 second year purples (15k ea)
1- 50 miniatures-
• 3 third year purples (30k ea)
• 7 fifth year whites (35k ea)


1- Any hero statue:
• easy (7k)
1- Any pet statue:
• just death level any pet
1- Any rare pet statue:
• Imperial phoenix (easy if you have factions finished)
• Black Widow (easy to do yourself or pay ~20k for a run)
• Black Moa (takes probably the longest and you have to be far enough in factions)
2- 5 companion statues
1- 10 companion statues
1- 20 companion statues
1- 30 companion statues
• For these you are going to need to get all three rare pets and all heroes and get armor remnants for each of them (7k x 26 = 182k)

Honor (this is where it really depends on personal prefenence)
3- Accounts Linked
• Just talk to the guy by the exit of the Hall of Monuments
2- Any Statue
• Sorrow’s Furnace is probably the easiest and is very easy with heros
3- 1 PvP Statue
• Rank 3 in Zaishen title track (200 keys x 5k = 1000k)
• Rank 3 in Gladiator (takes a very long time)
3- 5 Statues (Full Display)
• Kurz and Luxon title track rank 4 (Fastest is Alliance Battles or Jade Quarry for less experienced players)
• FoW (Can be easily done with heros in about 1 ½ hours)
1- 10 Statues
• Deep (pug group in <2 hours or run for ~40k)
• Asura- (Speed booking)
• Deldrimor (Secret Lair of the Snowmen)
• Norn (Speed Booking)
• Vanguard (Snowball Dominance at Christmas or speed booking)
1- 15 Statues
• UW (you will either need a run (~50k) or join an SC)
• DoA (Join SC or buy run (~80k)
• Urgoz (Pug group is very easy in <2 hours)
• Lucky (150k)
• Unlucky (150k)
1- 20 Statues
• Protector of Elona
• Protector of Cantha
• Protector of Tryia
• Guardian of Cantha
• Guardian of Elona
1- 25 Statues
• Guardian of Tyria
• Legendary Guardian
• Sunspear Title
• Lightbringer Title
• Party Animal (1000k or about 400k around Christmas by buying stacks of Frosty tonics for 20k each but that takes a while)
1- 30 Statues
• Elonian Skill hunter
• Tryian Skill hunter
• Canthan Skill hunter
• Legendary Skill hunter (about 290k in signets of Capture)
• Canthan Vanquisher
1- 35 Statues
• Canthan Cartographer
• Elonian Vanquisher
• Elonian Cartographer
• Tyrian Vanquisher
• Tyrian Cartographer (in all campaigns Catographer and Vanquisher go very well together)
1- 40 Statues
• Legendary Cartographer
• Legendary Vanquisher
• Legendary Survivor (Fronis’ Lair (takes a while) or Buy Kath hammers for ~750k)
• Legendary Defender of Ascalon
• Master of the North


1- Any Armor Statue:
• Cheapest are probably Norn, Asuran, and Monument
1- 3 Armor Statues:
2- 5 Armor Statues:
1- 7 Armor Statues:
• Buy 3 elite armors below plus Norn, Asuran, and Monument and one other
1- Kurzick or Luxon Armor Statue:
• Pretty straightforward (150k)
1- Vabbian Armor Statue:
• Easy again (300k)
1- Obsidian Armor Statue:
• Expensive but pretty self explanatory (1,100k)


1- Any weapon
1- Destroyer Weapon
• Craft your own (45k)
• Buy (55-60k)
1- Tormented Weapon
• Buy (20e)
• Farm Domain of Anguish (long time)
1- Oppressor Weapon
• Complete War in Kryta
• Buy (60-70k)
1- 5 Weapon Statues
• Buy 2 more Destroyer Weapons
2- 11 Weapon Statues
• Buy 6 more Destroyer Weapons
1- 15 Weapon Statues
• Buy 2 Destroyer Weapons
• Buy 2 Oppressor Weapons

Now ur finally done... u may want to see if you can recover any of whats left of your social life
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Nicely summed up things, information on amounts of gold and effort needed for each item for HoM is what beginning players need to properly plan how they play when just going for HoM statues. Those beginning now may be a bit in hurry. Fortunately.

I would like to add that doing as much as possible maxed out titles is towards gwamm too, which is most probably sought after by people going for 50pts at HoM. Haven´t done exact calculations though and could be that you get gwamm anyways with full honor statues...

This site on wiki is also helpful for those going for titles. Scroll down for nice table.
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Old Jul 20, 2011, 03:15 PM // 15:15   #3
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It's a pity someone has already made a guide right after release HoM calculator, but still nice.
The Road to 50
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Old Jul 22, 2011, 06:12 PM // 18:12   #4
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This guide has up to date prices though, which is the most helpful for a new player to gauge where to begin and what to try to farm yourself and what to buy. It takes a while to figure out all the prices by yourself.

I'll point out on the heroes, the first is free(M.O.X. can be dedicated once you hit 20 without anything else) and for like 9 of them, you can use the Glint afk farm strat which is rather easy and cheap to setup(might need to buy skills/runes/gear for heroes but you're looking at a one time 10-15k investment). You can do that when you're busy to actually play and it'll get you every EotN heroes done. You can also get a bunch of NF heroes done via the Junnundu challenge pretty easily just farming instead of actually trying to win. Both these can be found on the pve forums in the first 2pages(junnundu is a sticky).

Also with a solid team of heroes, you can solo UW, DoA and The Deep. Not sure about Urgoz yet. Takes a while but saves quite a lot of money(and actually gives money since you'll get ectos/gemstones).

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Did you forget about the statues you get by just completing a campaign?
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