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Default How to complete P.O.X, painlessly, and with virtual guarantee of completion!

Hello, this is Eleeta Rainbow bringing you his first guide for GWG, Defeating P.O.X painlessly with a very high chance of completion! This guide is compiled from my own personal experience and also general tips that are given from places like Guildwiki, etc. It's best with two people with the required heroes and skills

1. The most important thing is to have the right team build. This is what I recommend.
  • 3 Searing Flame Elementalists. Build: .
    It would be best to fill the optional slot with aura of restoration and replace Flame Djinn's Haste with a rez.
  • 2 Healing Monks (One can be Healing Rt or N/Rt healer). This is the build I use on my monk and healer hero.
    It's a good balance of heals and energy management.
  • 1 Protection monk, my personal build: OwUTM03C1peoQCI31ZSGc5LTAA
    Hero's have crazy reflexes. WNWN is very beneficial.
  • 1 (or two) Melee\high armor characters (warrior, derv, sin, paragon). Nothing special, by the time you get to P.O.X you will have three monks healing you, so you'll be fine.
  • 1 Ranger. MUST have Broad Head Arrow. Some people might dispute being able to interrupt P.O.X but it IS very possible. Just make a balanced ranger build with Distracting Shot, maybe savage shot, and BHA.
    Note: You can decide to bring only 2 Eles and then bring another melee character.

To take this quest, you speak to Image of Zinn from the Golem User Manual. It should be noted you do NOT need M.O.X to compelete this quest.
You start the quest from the Marketplace in the Kaineng City area. As you enter, your entire party will be dressed as members of the Jade Brotherhood, with the exception of non-human characters such as Zhed Shadowhoof, Vekk, Ogden Stonehealer, Pyre Feirceshot, Jora, M.O.X, or Razah. You come upon a small group of Am Fah rangers. They can cause some pretty heavy degen so be careful, but the amount of firepower you have will basically blast them off the face of the earth.
Head West and you see some Npc's hauling ass from something pretty frightening. Keep following the path and you see a mob of Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood fighting in a huge mob. Dispatch of them easily and continue west. Another big group comes, but the amount of npc's is a pretty good cover. Your ele's do a pretty magnificent job of the huge mobs. Head north across the bridge, where you see Lian, Dragon Petal starting to fight off a mob of Am Fah. A mob spawns form the north and the south west, but your aoe damage as well as Lian's powerful AoE damage makes this battle pretty easy. After the battle, head West. You will see the path starting to narrow and a mob at the edge of your minimap at the end of the narrow hallway. Head forward enough for the Npc to charge that group, but as he's doing that, a group will spawn behind you. Head back East and take care of them. After that, head West once more and kill the previous mob. Continue on the path.
You will see a circle of Am Fah on the south and Jade Brotherhood on the North side. Two bosses are in the middle and are preparing for a duel. Don't hesitate, because not long after you arrive, a battle breaks out. Make sure not to wait for them to kill eachother, because normally the Jade Brotherhood get GANKED hard and then you're left with an assassin boss and 4 or 5 lvl 24 rangers that spike you. Head up the stairs and get ready to battle P.O.X.
...make sure you have read this section completely. As you head north west you'll see dialogue between the npc's, talking about P.O.X. This is your time to get set up. As you approach them, flag your melee character right next to P.O.X, and flag your casters and ranger at the steps inside the gazebo near the very end closest to P.O.X. P.O.X has no ranged attacks that deal hard damage, and therefore can hardly attack you.
Bloodstone Slash
Skill. Steal 75 Health
Golem Strike
Skill. Target takes 360 damage and is dazed for 3 seconds
Internal Power Engaged
Skill. +2 Health Regeneration
Reactor Blast
Spell. Causes 400 damage, knockdown, and burning for 10 seconds
Reactor Blast Timer
Skill. Countdown time to reactor blast skill (5 seconds)
Target Acquisition
Hex. After five seconds, target suffers from Dazed, weakness, and Burning for 15 seconds.
Sooner or later, P.O.X becomes aggressive and begins attacking your melee character. From here on you're set. The other npc's become aggressive but are easily dispatched by you heroes. However, there is always the possibility that P.O.X might eventually target one of your casters and walk past your melee hero (or player) in the middle of battle. In my experience there are two causes.
1. Pure bad luck
2. Bad placement of the melee char.
If you see P.O.X getting dangerously close to coming into the gazebo, flag your heroes on the opposite side of wherever he is. There are two exits out of the gazebo so your heroes have a chance to escape. Once safe, keep flagging your heroes away from P.O.X until the aggro is lost. Once the aggro is back on the melee character, reposition your heroes back in the gazebo and have your hero bring P.O.X to optimum placement.
If everything goes according to plan, the battle lasts about 5 minutes. He has a TON of health. Make sure that you remove his hex anytime you see it, otherwise his skill "Target Aquisition" will go off causing some problems.
After a little while, the battle will be over. No harm no foul! Wasn't it easy????
This guide has been written by Eleeta Rainbow, originally posted on Guild Wars Guru Forums. Image credited to Guild Wiki. If you want to post it somewhere else just pm and I'll most likely say yes. Just make sure to give me credit. Thank you GWG for posting my guide!!!!!
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Old Apr 25, 2009, 09:02 AM // 09:02   #2
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Ah, damn my memory

It should be noted that this can be easily done with Sabway + healer, spirit, shock and warrior henchmen. Stuck Pain Inverter on him and he started bashing the minions. Dazed him (I played as a Ranger) and he couldn't use most of the truly bad skills, and died.
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Old Apr 25, 2009, 04:43 PM // 16:43   #3
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Awesome, 2 already well known ways to drop P.O.X. on top of the other 2... thanks guys...

Well, I guess it is helpful for those that can't beat them, gj...

Very nice and thorough guide though.
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Old Jun 07, 2009, 04:16 PM // 16:16   #4
Jungle Guide
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I dont even remember how I did it, but it wasnt tough
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Old Jun 11, 2009, 07:11 PM // 19:11   #5
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Seems like a good guide, I'll give it a go.
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Old Jul 03, 2009, 01:08 PM // 13:08   #6
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Originally Posted by Helix Dreadlock View Post
I dont even remember how I did it, but it wasnt tough
Seriously, I did it on a survivor sin with crappy heroes, no need for a fancy setup.
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Old Jul 29, 2011, 03:38 AM // 03:38   #7
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Default Apparently I am missing something...

I have been going at it with P.O.X. to no avail. I seriously have had hours in a single encounter with P.O.X. and it's the worst chicken fight ever. I have it so I have no issues with him hurting me, but I can't even get him down to 75%. He heals too fast. What am I missing?
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Old Jul 29, 2011, 05:40 PM // 17:40   #8
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For both POX and ROX, a mesmer with Blackout is more than enough to control the golem. Either run Blackout yourself or micro it on a hero if you feel like it, however doing it yourself is advisable. On 10 domination magic it's quite-easily maintainable. Taking a mesmer hero with bar full of interrupts is suggested if something sneaks out from the golem.
Everything else - you're free to choose yourself.
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