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Default Guide to Power Trading

I've seen a lot of people interested in power trading lately, so I decided to come up with a thread like this. I've been reasonably succesful with trading in the past few months, and I can share some information which might be useful. I hope you find this guide helpful and maybe it'll help some of you get off the ground with power trading.

First of all I would like to mention that power trading has its risks You can potentially lose as much money as you gain. It has never happened to me before however, and you can minimize the chances for this if you are very careful.

A side note: I will be talking about Low End and High End trading in this guide. With High End, I mean wares which go in the likes of 100 ectos and up, with Low End being everything below that.

Getting started

To get things off the ground, I would recommend to get at least 200K. That is the amount I started with, and it's enough to make a reasonable amount by just power trading, but depending on the efficiency of your farming it might be better to farm until about 500 K. Remember: Money makes money, and the more you have, the faster it will go. You can start with less, but farming will probably make more in that case.

There are a few things you should know about power trading when you enter the market:

Know your prices: If you don't know how much items go for, you'll never be a succesful merchant. It's important to know the general range in which wares sell, how volatile its price is, and how fast it will sell. If you're looking for an item to buy and resell, you are often weighing the time and risk of the trade to the profit on the deal. An example of this is the following:

Somebody is selling a Spear of the Hierophant in Kamadan. You decide to whisper the seller and hope for a bargain. The range on the spear is 70-80 K, where it will sell reasonably fast at 70 K or slow at 80 K. The price is stable enough that it won't go down in the time you will need to sell the item. This is a good trading item.

The most you will want to pay for the price is entirely personal. Especially in the beginning, I wouldn't waste my time on a deal if it wouldn't earn me at least 10 K, but if you are willing to put time in a 5 K profit that's fine as well. A large amount of small profits is also a big profit.

If you are unaware of prices, be sure to befriend some traders and ask price checks from them frequently. When I started up, I befriended another trader and we price checked items for each other because we both traded in a different market. This way, we both got the better out of it. You will gradually learn prices on items as you power trade, so you will have to ask prices less and less when you spend some time trading. Another thing to remember is Guru. It is an excellent way to learn prices. Just use the search option and search for RECENT trades of your item. That is usually a good indication.


NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER, take the prices in the general price check threads on Guru, or whatever site, for granted. These prices are usually outdated and can differ more than 500% from the value listed there. I can never repeat this enough, and I still run into people weekly who blindly follow the guru prices. If it's to your benefit, trade them and they'll learn soon enough. If not, just ignore them or try to explain their foolishness. (Stay polite )

Diversify your investments

Sometimes, a market can suddenly crash. This has recently happened to the High End miniature market after the reveal of the Hall of Monuments Calculator. If you invest all your money in one type of item you could lose your fortune in such a crash. Therefore it is usually advised you invest in different types of wares. One could, for instance, invest in a Spear of the Hierophant, Miniature Celestial Tiger and an Everlasting Macabre Tonic. If one of the items crashes, you'll not be hit as hard as if you had put all your money on one horse. I'm not saying you should turn down a good deal because you already have a type of a certain item, but diversifying your investments is a way to reduce trading risks.

Know where to trade

This is a point of debate. Some of the traders swear to Spamadan, and sell everything there. I however, think that the place you're trading really impacts your effectiveness. Kamadan is very populated, which means lots of potential buyers and sellers, but also less exposure of your trade message. Many seasoned traders camp Kamadan, so a lot of good deals get picked up very early there.
Lion's Arch is a different story altogether. You will find fewer traders here, but also more people who are inexperienced with the market. Especially in the low end side of the market, a lot of good deals are to be found here. (Speaking of experience, I made a lot of good deals in LA when I started trading)
Great Temple of Balthazar is also a useful place to sell items. It may seem very quiet there, but there are a lot of lurking High End buyers to be found there. So it's very useful for - for instance - trading High End miniatures. This is also the place where you'll be selling your Zaishen Keys should you come across some.
Last is Kaineng Center. This town is pretty dead when it comes to trading. The only items that really excel in Kaineng are green weapons. Many players who just get from Shing Jea enter Kaineng Center and want to get a good weapon for their toon. But apart from that, you'll want to stay clear of this place.

Be patient!

Patience is a very important trait for any succesful trader. Don't get disheartened when your item doesn't sell for a day, and don't let it go for less than it's worth easily. People who cling to their items for a few more hours to get a better profit make more money. There are of course circumstances where this doesn't go up, for instance when you've invested all your money. Then you would benefit more from fast, less earning deals than from slow, bigger earning ones. But when you have a cash stash in your storage and a few items to sell, be patient and wait for the buyer that is willing to pay the proper price for the item.


Now that you know the basics of trading, you'll want to get started out.

Deciphering the trade messages

Trade advertisements can be sort of confusing at first sight, so I made up a little list of some basic and common abbreviations used in trade messages:

S/B: Starting Bid (The minimum, or starting bid of an auction)
C/O: Current Offer (The current highest offer on the auctioned item)
R/B: Reserve bid. (This is the minimum for which a seller will part with the auctioned item. Meaning: When the R/B is met, the seller will usually name a time frame in which the auction will end, marking a winner.) Any bids below the R/B are free to be discarded by the seller. This may seem odd to you, because why would anyone bid below the R/B? The answer is simple: The seller might change his or her mind, and if the R/B hasn't been met for a long time he or she can consider the bids that have been done below the R/B. This happens often enough that it is still viable to bid below the R/B)
B/O: Buyout (The price for which the seller will immediately part with the item)
Req, R or Q: The attribute requirement for a weapon (For instance: A bone staff which requires rank 9 in Soul Reaping would be abbreviated as Bone Staff R9 Soul Reaping)
WTB: Want to Buy
WTS: Want to Sell
WTT: Want to Trade

There are tons of other abbreviations that are used in trading, but these are the most important, and the others are usually obvious or you'll learn them while trading.
It's important to clearly communicate your trade message clearly to the other people in town. Therefore, try to stick to existing abbreviations and only use them if absolutely necessary. Nobody can buy your item if they don't know what it is.

Handling other players

Another thing to be mindful of is how you treat your (potential) customers. My creed is to always stay polite. You will meet douchebags often who think you're a lunatic for asking 180 ectos for an Everlasting Beetle Juice. Cursing them with all your power isn't going to get you anywhere. Trust me, I tried it hard enough. The ignore list is there for a reason.
If people are happy with how you treated them, they will be happy to trade with you in the future. Don't hesitate to note the name of somebody when he makes clear that he is interested in certain items. Should you come across one of those items in the future, you'll have a potential buyer already. Building networks like these can really fasten up your trading, and also make it a more social and enjoyable experience. Who knows, maybe one of your customers may turn into good ingame friends.

The Search Option

Perhaps your most dear friend while power trading will be the search option. This nifty little tool will help you to see all the trade messages across all districts in a town, which allows you to spot good deals early. This option can be found on your party window, at the bottom center. Look in the trade pane to see what other people are selling and buying. Be mindful though that only a part of the trade message is shown, so if you'd like to know more you may need to whisper players to ask for their complete trade message. Another thing to take note of is that since only a part of your trade message is shown in the search window, it might be a good idea to alter your message so it is informative to other players using the Search window. You can see how your message looks like to other people in the Search window in the upper right corner of the window.


This is what you'll be doing while power trading: Investing your money in items of which you know you can sell them for more. There are different types of items you can invest in. On a rough basis, I will divide the market in four section:

- Weaponry
- Miniatures
- Tonics
- Consumables


Weapons are a big presence in the Guild Wars market. They can vary from simple greenies worth 1K to Crystalline Swords worth thousands of ectos. Items to watch for in this section are weapons with popular skins, such as the Crystalline, Bone Dragon Staff, Eternal Blade etc. Items with a requirement of 8 are also popular among collectors and can therefore also go for a hefty amount of gold. Be aware that it is often hard to price check items in this category correctly, and I would therefore define it as the most risky category out of the four. It is also the most profitable however, if you know the prices well.


By far my favourite section. Miniature prices used to be very predictible until the HoM update came, and they will probably be again in a while. Birthday miniatures always go down in price over time, with a few rare exceptions such as Mad King Thorn going up during Halloween and Freezie going up during Wintersday. Other than that, be mindful you don't hold on Birthday minis too long. Discontinued minis (minis that can't be acquired anymore) will generally go up. The most expensive items in the game belong to this category. You can think of Miniature Pandas and Nagas in this category, which go for thousands and thousands of ectos, but also the Pig miniature belongs to this category, which didn't go for more than 20 K before the HoM update. You can usually hold these miniatures on for a longer time since their price will be stable or go up. It is only affected by updates of GW (such as the HoM stuff) but are usually a safe investment.


A thing to be mindful about with tonics is the Monthly principle. Every month, a certain tonic will drop from the Zaishen Chest. This tonic will therefore be common during that period and its price will be low. Tonics that haven't been monthly for a while are usually the priciest. Be mindful of this: You wouldn't want to buy a pricy tonic if it will be monthly in a week and its price will tumble. Other than that, it is a reasonably small yet safe market in which you can make some profit. It's nigh impossible to get all your income from this section though, because it is so small.


I'm using the word Consumables in a broad sense. This includes things which boost you in combat, such as Essences of Celerity, Wintergreen Candy Canes and Honeycombs, but also things that give party, sweet and drunk points. Especially since the HoM reveal, there is a steady demand for these items so there's a market for it. Prices in this section are reasonably stable and are therefore a safe investment, but it's usually hard to come across sweets in large enough quantities to make it really worth the time. But if you do, don't hesitate to grab a good deal.

Types of investing

I usually define two types of investing you can do while power trading:

- Short term investing
- Long term investing

Short term investing is what you'll do most when power trading. This means buying low and selling for more, usually selling the items within two weeks of buying the item. This is usually the best way to power trade when you're not very rich, because you make very effective use of your money. This method is very time intensive.

Long term investing is a type of investing which requires minimal effort, but takes a lot of time and requires you to read and predict the market on a larger time scale. An example of this can be given by the people who started hoarding Diamonds when Eye of the North came out, determined in their standpoint that the Diamonds would go up once GW2 drew near. With the recent HoM reveal, diamond prices have shot up, and these investors were rewarded for their investment after three years. This is an extreme example, but investing usually takes at least two months to be succesful. This method is only viable if you have a lot of spare money that you're willing to put aside for a large amount of time.



When you enter the 100K+ zone, you will soon find out that paying with cash isn't going to work at some point. You will be turning to other types of currency then to match the value of pricy items. I will note the most common currencies besides gold:

- Globs of Ectoplasm

By far the most common currency used for trades above 100 K. Globs of Ectoplasm are acquired in the Underworld, and because of its high value it has become a popular type of currency since the beginning of Guild Wars. Expect to meet this currency a lot during trades.

- Zaishen Keys

Zaishen Keys are obtained through PvP: Either by winning High End PvP matches or trading in Balthazar Faction at Tolkano in the Great Temple of Balthazar. These keys were introduced into the game in a later stage than the Globs of Ectoplasm, which is among the reasons why it's not as widely used, but it is a widely accepted type of currency.

- Armbraces of Truth

Armbraces of Truth are obtained in the Domain of Anguish: Either by gathering enough gemstones to trade for one, or as a lucky drop from a Coffer of Whispers. These items can be turned in for Tormented Weapons, but they're also used as currency for the most expensive items in the game. You will probably not encounter this type of currency unless you count yourself among the most succesful traders in GW, and by that time you probably won't need this guide anymore

Time is money

An often heard misunderstanding is that if you farm the materials yourself, something is free. This is absolutely wrong. I can explain this with an easy example:

You want an Oppressor's Shield,costing about 100 K, so you do the WiK quest chain which takes 8 hours. When you power trade, you make 30 K per hour. The quest chain yielded you 100 K while power trading would've yielded you 240 K in the same time frame. This way, you have lost a potential 140 K.

I'm not taking into account the fun the quest chain can be of course, but I hope I get my point across. Farming items is never more profitable than power trading/farming other items unless it makes more per hour than your usual method.

End note

I hope I have been reasonably comprehensive in this guide, and I also hope that it will help some of you who are aspiring to be power traders. Everybody can be a power trader, and everybody can be rich if you put your mind to it. Power trading involves a bit of luck, but ultimately, you yourself can determine whether you are succesful at it or not. Every time you spend money, try to realize it's hurting your trading capabilities because the less money you have, the less you can potentially make. Spend that which you have wisely, and you may some day bathe in ectos, just like some of the elite traders the GW world knows. See you in Kamadan!

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Very nice guide hopfully this will help me, when i start my selling of items thanks very much.

Hope to see this nailed to the top for people who need advice on power trading.

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And since when u make 30k an hour with powertrading? Then I would rather do other farms to get more than 30k an hour?

Though nice guide
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Power trading can net far more than 30k an hour. However, be prepared for spamming chat endlessly for hours. Running dungeons makes more cash consistently, especially after the 600 nerf. Farming underworld with a spirit spammer will also make you 30k an hour. The power trading market has fallen quite a bit due to the HOM calculator and lack of promised updates. (hello Dervish and 7 heros) If something adds to Hom calculator, prices are rising a bit still. However many prices spiked and dropped dramatically like destroyer and oppressor weapons. The total trend of the market overall is down due to lack of player interest. Truth is, the only reason to play is to get HOM to 30 pts. That is easy to do without the need for mass ectos or cash. Play the game, have fun, sell the stuffs you don't want. Easier than spamming trade chat. The only real exception I have found for this is consets. Those are consistent and makes lots of cash.
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nice guide ..............
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Good job man, even taught me some stuff .
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Informative and a good guide. Powertrading in itself is a much more different style of 'play' than actually going out and doing something and both have their own rewards which are both predictable and unpredictable.

Newer powertraders will likely find that they won't make 30k an hour unless they are lucky and successful; in my case I actually thought for a while that I was losing money (which wasn't the case but rather I was earning money at a slow rate). Powertrading requires a lot of investment, in time, money, and passion so it might not be for everyone and you certainly don't want people pointing to your guide and saying "well this guide sucks I'm not getting 30k an hour even though I did everything".

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nice guide, definitely covers the basics - much appreciated. I might add, however, a few key points if you don't mind:

1) Find a niche. If you spot a demand for a particular item in-game (lots of wtb's or guru trends), exploit it. I don't mean spend all your money to buy that item in the hopes of turning a huge profit, but just test the market to see what can be gained. As an example, about a year ago just before I quit playing (until now with the HoM update!) I noticed a demand for q7/AR14 tac shields just by reading the guru forums. Also, I noticed that there wasn't much WTS, but when I posted WTB I could pick them up for 5k in spamadan and 1-2k (or sometimes free!) in Rata Sum (where farmers would consistently get conch shields in the q7/AR14 tac variety). From the forums I gathered that these were highly sought by PvP'ers (the q7 would be a good breakpoint on attribute spread) so I would go to their worlds (GtoB, HA, etc) and spam WTS and I could consistently get the equivalent of 100k for blue conch's (and more depending on the skin, or color). Of course, to make the deal more palatable I would put a +30 and a condition reduction modifier, or +armor vs damage type modifier (vs. piercing, vs. fire, etc.). Not to belabor the point, but find a niche by researching trends in the market and get there first to profit. One more example, demonslaying mods. When DoA (before Glaiveway) was the hot ticket, warriors would be looking for vs. demons shields, and pommels of 20% vs. demons. Spamming WTB in lesser known/used trade markets, such as Kodash, or Kaineng, I was picking those items up for 1-3k (i.e. "pennies on the dollar"), and in some cases reselling pommels for 100k. Granted, these trends don't always last for long, but if you get in "on the ground floor" you can stand to make $M in a matter of days.

2. Keep your eyes open As much as it might pain you, keep your eye on the trade chat and open the 'p' window to double-check things...with luck you might be the first to get to a screaming deal, either due to a seller's ignorance, or because they just want to dump a well-known good deal just to save time spamming. Lots of players actually play just to have fun, and don't really care about the value of items or hoarding cash, etc. There are so many examples that I'm sure we all have about killer deals we've managed to fall into, and keeping our eyes open is the typical reason. Armed with knowledge of the market and current pricing/wanted trends definitely gives you the edge when you're eyes are open! And you never know when you'll be standing next to that GWAMM who's sick of it all and just wants to give their most valued possessions away for free! (I've played both sides of that scenario!)

Great guide, hth too

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Just invest in chest-running, and sell good mods back in town. Allows you to work on multiple titles, while generating a good amount of cash.
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Newbie powertrader here, agreed with everything in the post. Takes dedication and commitment to knowing the market. At certain points, I would go hours without any good deals. At other points, I would easily profit a good 200k-300k within 30 minutes. Sure, it's boring just standing in one spot spamming a message, but that opens up free time for you to browse the web, watch TV, etc. and only go back when you hear the indistinct ping of a whisper.
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I want add : Be ready to be hated by the community and receive any kind of insults in a lot of languages XD
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Very well-written guide.

1) Don't get into powertrading with the sole purpose of making money. I'd only advise someone to powertrade if they actually enjoy doing it.

2) Be very patient. You can go hours and even days without making anything. The flip side of the coin is you could make a fortune in an hour.

3) Be polite with all buyers and sellers. You never know who you might be dealing with....

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Originally Posted by Mcsnake85 View Post
I want add : Be ready to be hated by the community and receive any kind of insults in a lot of languages XD
Haha no doubt, apparently some people see this as "scamming". Even though scamming would be to steal an item from a player.
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The amount of white minis entering the game is choked.
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Originally Posted by Mcsnake85 View Post
I want add : Be ready to be hated by the community and receive any kind of insults in a lot of languages XD
That's true, you sometimes get a few nasty remarks ingame but you also make a lot of people happy and I run in as much good-minded as bad-minded people. I don't see how Power Trading would be a scam anyway, because if that's the case then the whole system of capitalism would be too

Note on the 30K per hour: It's only used as an example of why farming items yourself is usually less profitable. If you start power trading, you should at some point make a lot more than 30 K per hour.
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Originally Posted by Lord Mip View Post
That's true, you sometimes get a few nasty remarks ingame but you also make a lot of people happy and I run in as much good-minded as bad-minded people. I don't see how Power Trading would be a scam anyway, because if that's the case then the whole system of capitalism would be too

Note on the 30K per hour: It's only used as an example of why farming items yourself is usually less profitable. If you start power trading, you should at some point make a lot more than 30 K per hour.
Eheheh, sometimes ppl whisped me that they have reported me for scam to anet...i simply said "dont pm me, just report and we will se what happen".
Im still here after 1000000 of those whisps XD
They dont want undestand the difference between a powertrade and a scam.
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Nice guide, thanks for posting it One thing that I realised when I was into power trading a few years ago is that as you're going to be standing in Kamadan/LA for extended periods of time, you might as well get on with your consumable titles at the same time, particularly drunkard.
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OK, moral question: Is there such thing as buying something for TOO low?

Ex: I bought a 4th year white mini for 4k last night. (I didn't realize it was 4th year at the time, I just knew 4k was a good deal for any mini).

Should I feel guilty?

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Originally Posted by Mordakai View Post
OK, moral question: Is there such thing as buying something for TOO low?

Ex: I bought a 4th year white mini for 4k last night. (I didn't realize it was 4th year at the time, I just knew 4k was a good deal for any mini).

Should I feel guilty?
If your going to feel guilty for buying items low, then power trading is mostlikely not for you. Sure talking someone into selling thier new polar bear for 20k would be mean. They mostlikely just got a lucky drop and didn;t realize what its worth, but ultimately, HE is the one who decided to sell it to you. You didn't click the accept button for him, he did it all on his own.

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Great guide, thank you!!
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