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Old Apr 01, 2012, 10:26 AM // 10:26   #1
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I came up with an extremely fast way of spamming Wintergreen Candy Canes. This doesn't work the same with Peppermint Candy Canes, but I think that using this method with the Wintergreen ones gets you the title faster.

Candy Cane points can be bought for about 50g/point and usually people have loads of them. But lets dig into the guide now.

How fast is this?

Usually I get a stack of Wintergreen Candy Canes used in 17 minutes.
So if you want to get all the 10k points by using only Wintergreen candy canes (40 stacks), you will be lookign at about 11-12 hours using this method.

What do you need?

-7 heros (2 of them preferrably rangers)
-Grim Cesta -50hp
-Wintergreen Candy Canes
-the skills: Blood is Power and Signet of Agony
-a few Superior Runes of any type

If you're a Dervish, all you need to do is put a -75hp Superior Rune on each piece of your armor. If you're not a Dervish, put a -75hp Superior Rune on your each armor piece, and a Survivor rune on your chest and legs. You need to have exactly 130hp, and 80hp while using the -50hp Grim Cesta.
Put all your attribute points into Blood Magic

Heros equipment
Your heros wont need any special equipment except the two rangers should have a Superior Wilderness Survival Rune on the head piece.

Hero skills
The two rangers must ONLY have the skill Quickening Zephyr, they dont need anything else.

The five other heros must ONLY have the skill Unyielding Aura, they dont need anything else.

Hero Attributes dont matter, except put the ranger attributes into Wilderness Survival

The ''Run''

Now that you are set, you are ready to go and click yourself to death. I perform the spamming outside the Great Temple of Balthazar in Isle of the Nameless, because there arent any hostile enemies.

Step 1. Die by using Blood is Power (BiP) on your rangers. (They need the energy to maintain QZ (quickening zephyr) all the time.

Step 2. Now you have 15% DP, die again by using BiP on your rangers.

Step 3. Now at 30% DP, cast Signet of Agony, you will die instantly.

Step 4. Now at 45% DP, use 2 Wintergreen candy Canes. Dont use anymore than 2 or you will lose precious seconds.

Now repeat from Step 2.

You need to be exact with the CC usage because at 15% DP, you have 8hp. This is crucial because at 8hp you only need three BiPs to die. If you have anyother number of hp, you will need four BiPs, which slows the spamming.

Quickening Zephyr reduces Signet of Agonys recharge to 4 seconds. If you dont happen to have QZ on while using it (at 30% dp), and you have it on 8 second recharge, use one Candy Cane and at 15% DP, kill yourself with BiP.

Please share your thoughts, opinions.
If you see any flaws, please leave a comment.

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Old Apr 15, 2012, 03:01 AM // 03:01   #2
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Nice write-up! I stole the idea with a slight variation. It might be tiny bit slower for wintergreens, but if you start at 90hp (I did it with a -20hp offhand and a survivor headpiece), you can die in just 3 BiPs at 10% and 0% morale, which means you can spam any morale sweets after every death. That takes less attention--you don't have to switch BiP targets, bother with rangers, or think about how many CCs to use at once. (I wanted to be able to do this while watching a movie or something.)

(At -15% morale you also die in 3 BiPs, but I never got down there 'cause I just spammed constantly.)

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Old Apr 15, 2012, 05:01 PM // 17:01   #3
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Doing this with UA is pretty slow IMO, try taking bip for yourself and use 2 mesmer hero's with Flesh of my flesh, they rez super fast (fast casting) and each time you die you only need 1x Bip to die again. The amount of HP for yourself is irrelevant will only influence the first time to die. Try it
I did 8stacks of pumpkin cookies with it super fast
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Old Apr 15, 2012, 05:39 PM // 17:39   #4
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Hmm, that seems to be nice and fast as long as the fomf lines up with your deaths. It would probably take a little experimenting with fastcast levels to figure out where you want it; I just maxed it and it seems like after a while, the next fomf casts before I BiP goes off.

That said, I'm not sure it's much faster. 3 BiPs spammed right after dying are about as fast as 1, and UA is as fast as a perfectly synced up fomf. Seems like either will work just fine.

(I don't see the point of bringing 2 heroes instead of 1, though, if you're going for fomf.)
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