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Old May 02, 2012, 06:34 AM // 06:34   #21
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I do know the 1.8.3 ( lui`s last updated version ) had the problem of trying to access site and hopefully i can have a work around for that problem later today - thats a minor code edit which i manged to do ages ago but i`ll need to find where i left the edited copy.
When you install -

In the following, ~ will refer to your phpBB, PunBB or vBulletin forum directory (if you can't modify files from these directory, you won't be able to install gwBBCode). For PHP-Nuke, the forum directory is in the modules directory.

1) Copy the content of this archive into ~/gwbbcode/ so that one can access ~/gwbbcode/install.php

2) Access ~/gwbbcode/install.php with your browser and follow the instructions (you may get errors because of access permissions).

3) If you want the skill database to be stored and accessed with MySQL (only possible on phpBB2&3), set GWBBCODE_SQL to true in ~/gwbbcode/ and access ~/gwbbcode/install.php again.

4) If you want builds with Kurzick/Luxon skills to be adapted to your alliance faction, set GWBBCODE_ALLEGIANCE to 'Kurzick' or 'Luxon' in ~/gwbbcode/ (Kurzick by default, so edit only if you are Luxon)

5) If you want builds with PvP/PvE skills to be adapted to the way you play, set GWBBCODE_GAMEPLAY to 'PvP' or 'PvE' in ~/gwbbcode/ (PvP by default, so edit only if your builds are mostly PvE)

6) Then try example posts from ~/gwbbcode/examples/ especially the short guide ~gwbbcode/examples/howto.txt

If you need to uninstall, please read UNINSTALL.TXT

Thats off the instructions - i`ll double check where i put it on my phpbb test site and i`ll post the full path so you can see exactly where it goes.
Firestorm10 - can you keep a copy of the french version you got and i`ll try and get a copy off you - i dont understand french but they may have done a few code edits that may help .

Edit - ive managed to get past the part described with the problem - and managed to find another problem where install wont detect the type of forum software - has a few error messages but can be ignored as theres an option to force installation on a few listed forums software.
I do have a feeling for now the version will be a bit of a frankenstein job for installing - hopefully at some stage someone with an idea of php codeing could fix it properly.
Does anyone know of a gd free php/html editor program as im going to need one

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Old May 02, 2012, 03:13 PM // 15:13   #22
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Originally Posted by Spiritz View Post
Have you tried installing a fresh copy - best from
That's where I got the install folder from
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Old May 02, 2012, 03:56 PM // 15:56   #23
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Im starting to realise there is going to be a few problems with the program .
firstly is on installation and i noticed that it has major issues detecting forums - this may be due to the forum software being upgraded and gwbbcode installer cant see the changes.The fix i found is to look at bottom of page and there is a force forum option and i clicked phpbb3 and it installed.
Calista - ive sussed your first hurdle and same time i realised the install instructions are wrong.There is a file and its a template to be used before you install - make a copy of it and rename and then open it and config it.Then run the install.php and use the method i said in start of this post and let me know what happens.
I should have a forum up in a few hrs to be a work in progress site to use for gwbbcode and i will give the link - if you guys can , when its running join it and we`ll use it as a base to get things running.Support will be limited but im hoping in time some users who know abit about coding and forums will be able to offer help as well.
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Old May 04, 2012, 08:23 PM // 20:23   #24
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Sure Spiritz. Here is a link where you download it.

It lets you do the instalation in english the install explanation is in english except for 1 paragraph. It says to edit a few files. I thought i was after installing, but I'm starting to think it has to be done before, cause the download would stop at 2%. I'm waiting for them to answer a question I send them to see what I might be doing wrong.
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Old May 04, 2012, 10:25 PM // 22:25   #25
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ok im a bit lost - ive downloaded that file and its structure isnt anything like gwbbcode 1.8.3 . I do recall from the gwshack days there was a french version being done by a group of french coders so its all possible this is the one.

edit - it does look like a variation of gwbbcode but its entirely different code - its version seems to be 2.0 where the original version reached 1.8.3 .
The french one seems to require manual edits where 1.8.3 actually hooked itself in and required no editing by the user.
One part of interest in the french version is its database which may or may not be up to date and i`ll be having a peek to see what i can use.
The test site and hopefully new home for the gwbbcode project is so pls join and add any questions to there

edit 2 - the french versions database is real old - has the old obby flesh details with the slow movement .

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Old May 15, 2012, 10:46 AM // 10:46   #26
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Just to let people know that the discussion has moved to which is the new forum/home for gwbbcode project and im currently adding skill updates ( and finding missing pve/pvp splits ) and helping firestorm10 out on the forum - so dont despair and think things have gone quiet as they havn`t.
Calista - remember to let me know when you retry installation , i know your busy in rl so im just giving a lil reminder so you dont forget.
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Old May 27, 2012, 05:13 PM // 17:13   #27
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The updated skills should be rdy by tomorrow the latest but im going to need a few testers as ive noticed a few old skills are incorrect.What i`ll need done is for testers to take a profession each and post on my forum builds with each skill in it and i can check against wiki - otherwise i have to go manually thru 200 odd skills.If anyone else notices skill errors then post the skill on my forum so i can check.
I`ll put the download link up as soon as ive finished so it chan be tested/checked.
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Old Jun 03, 2012, 04:54 PM // 16:54   #28
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Updated first post with the download link
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