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Lightbulb SweetFX for Guild Wars

SweetFX for Guild Wars
Edit: If you're looking for an enhancer I strongly suggest upgrading to GEMFX, it's superior in that it lets you change the look of the game while playing unlike SweetFX. It also comes with cooler features, letting you edit your game even more. GEMFX is also easier to install, and SweetFX is included in the program, so you wont be missing out! Have a look here:

What is SweetFX?

SweetFX is simply a program that works with DirectX. A way for you to make your game look amazing, enhancing the colours & smoothing the edges without you having to ever open a second program. Players have been using this program in Guild Wars 2 for more than a year now.
  • MOVE ALL FILES FROM “Folder” INTO C:\Program Files\Guild Wars or anywhere else you have your dat.exe file. And you're done! Now open the game from the .exe file ONLY.

The game is crashing on start up:
Are you running the game on administrator? It will crash if you aren't, or if you have corrupt files. So make sure you are running the game as administrator. Run the game from the .exe file.
->Right click the GW.exe and choose SETTINGS.
->At the bottom there is a tick box, “Run this program as administrator”, it must be ticked.
->Always run the game from the GW.exe client.
If this doesn't work and you think your files are corrupt: Remove all files, and reinstall, and then run the game as administrator.

My game isn't crashing, but I don't think or can't see any changes?
Do you have your normal FXAA/Anti aliasing turned off? If not, you must turn this off to see the changes.

If you are not sure if the program is working for you, find the SweetFX_settings.txt, it should be with your gw.exe file. Open it -> find "choose effects" -> find #define USE_SPLITSCREEN -> set it as 1 instead of it's current which is 0. Open your game and you can view the difference on your right side on the screen.
Please note:
You can change the settings to your liking so you can find the perfect balance for your screen.
The pictures may appear over saturated, but that is mostly due to Guild Wars having a grey tone over it. Guild Wars, just like Guild Wars 2 does not have very vibrant colours.
Tons of screen to show off what it can do:

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Old Sep 07, 2014, 02:24 PM // 14:24   #2
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Could you maybe add some before and after shots?
Just judging from the pics it looks a little too saturated and bright for me.

But I love that you put this up, so props for the work!
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Old Sep 07, 2014, 06:44 PM // 18:44   #3
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You do what you want with the program, so how sharp, vibrant etc is up to you! That's just my personal preset. You can choose the amount yourself

I can't right now as I am on a very lousy laptop and I will be for another two weeks, sorry!

I advise you to install it and have a look, you can always just remove it(simply delete all the files) if you don't like it! Sorry I couldn't be of more help right now ~
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Old Apr 21, 2015, 07:53 AM // 07:53   #4
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New albums have been updated to show a more neutral look at what the program can do.
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