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Not sure whether you're going for low level obby armor or are just low level... probably doesn't matter. Some advice in no particular order:

-Eles can load up on useless enchants to eat up time while you deal damage. Take all the attunements, for example.
-Warriors can take Frenzy and not use it.
-Your low level shouldn't compromise your armor level. Get 60AL armor and slap Aeromancer insignia on them. Wiki says it's Chaos axe deals lightning damage, so that'll set you up with 80AL. With 160 base health, you can add a sup vigor rune and four vitae runes for a total of 250 health. If you go with a melee weapon and shield, you can boost these numbers to at least 96AL (shield bonus, if you can find one with another +10AL vs lightning that'd be good) and 340 health. Based on those numbers, it looks like you should at least break even on survivability.
-Damage looks like it'll be the issue. If you can outdamage it, you should be able to take care of healing simply by breaking off and waiting for regeneration (obviously you'll need to dodge the ranged attacks), though again I'm not sure that'll be necessary.
-Running Riposte + Deadly Riposte should be effective too, especially if you've got Gladiator's Defense. In fact, this would be a good option because the damage will only be affected by your Tactics attribute.
-Something else to try, possibly even in the same build, is taking Glyph of Sacrifice and Meteor Shower. With some luck, it'll burn the Glyph on an attunement while you can save it for MS.

Hopefully some combination of that advice will get the job done.
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