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Old Jan 18, 2008, 12:31 AM // 00:31   #361
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my ele all i did was arcane echo meteor shower, dodge his as he gets pummeled by both of yours, then fireball and flare will finish him, fire storm optional xD

my necro was complicated but i did do it in hm with him, i used a perfect storm bow because i had one, apply poison, 7 ranger spirits, slice of pumpkin pie, and some GG. all you do is apply poison and eat pie as soon as it starts and bow him to death, easy as that no needs to reapply apply poison because it wastes time and you dont need it since he will almost be dead anyway.

EDIT: sometimes it may take a few tries with luck with hits etc... oh yea and take superios off if you use any and get as much health as you can but dont go crazy over it :d
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Old Jan 21, 2008, 07:45 PM // 19:45   #362
Ascalonian Squire
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Guild: Luxon All Stars [LUX]
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Originally Posted by arnansnow
For Rangers: bring Spirits, don't bring pets, as they don't come with you.
When I saw this I was a little confused. I have beaten the Doppleganger with three characters AND gotten the bonus: R/N, W/R, and Mo/R. In each case, I used my pet and only pet skills. I thought maybe it had been nerfed in the last few months, so I decided to put it to the test with my warrior today (1/21/2008). The result?


This is bar-none the easiest way to defeat him. You don't have to dodge stuff, you don't have to have timing, you do not have to have a bunch of hard to get skills. You can be the worst player in Guild Wars and still beat that guy. All you need is a pet and a bar of skills that you can only use with your pet. I strongly urge anyone with a Prophecies character to choose a ranger secondary before leaving pre-Searing for this reason.

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Old Jan 21, 2008, 07:59 PM // 19:59   #363
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^Agreed, easy as pie. You don't even need the additional attack skills. [skill]Charm animal[/skill], [skill]Comfort animal[/skill], & your weapon will do just fine.
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Old Jan 29, 2008, 02:35 PM // 14:35   #364
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Easiest way for Warriors is just 2 bring ripostes and Glads (just make sure u dont attack )
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Old Feb 15, 2008, 09:32 PM // 21:32   #365
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What's the latest for Ele? arcane echo MS then flare + fireball?
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Old Feb 16, 2008, 04:53 PM // 16:53   #366
Krytan Explorer
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I think I've posted this before in this thread but it keeps getting overlooked...


Domination Magic --> 12

Usage: Cast Empathy on target foe. Repeatedly hit the "Q" and "E" keys on your keyboard. The arrows the doppelganger shoots will be dodged as he takes damage from Empathy. THE EASIEST WAY TO KILL DOPPEL ON ANY CHARACTER IN HARD MODE OR NORMAL MODE!!!
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Old Feb 22, 2008, 02:19 AM // 02:19   #367
Krytan Explorer
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Default Iron Mist on E/any ftw!

Just bring Iron Mist and let him hex you, and don't bring any lightning spells! You're immune to any damage he throws at you while you toast him!
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Old Feb 22, 2008, 03:09 PM // 15:09   #368
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you peoples are enarmos neubs
i know how beat dipplelonger ->
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Old Mar 29, 2008, 06:11 PM // 18:11   #369
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if you're a monk
just bring some form of degen.
cast it on him and cast reversal of fortune
over and over on yourself, and dont wand him (=
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Old Mar 29, 2008, 07:25 PM // 19:25   #370
rattus rattus
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Originally Posted by Taurus
you peoples are enarmos neubs
i know how beat dipplelonger ->
Ah, the infamous dooblegonger thread - one of my all-time favourites!
Si non confectus, non reficiat
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Old Apr 06, 2008, 01:23 AM // 01:23   #371
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Rangers have it amazingly easily. I just took Apply Poison and Burning Arrow and then had 6 5-cast spirits. He got to Burning Arrow and was halfway through firing when he died.

And it works exactly the same on HM. Easiest Tyrian HM, hands down.
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Old Apr 09, 2008, 03:17 PM // 15:17   #372
Frost Gate Guardian
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I've used the same build to kill the Doppelganger in Hard Mode and easily get the bonus on various character classes and it works pretty damn efficiently;

Curses: 12

Insidious Parasite
Spiteful Spirit [elite]

  • Switch to a Necromancer secondary and max out your Curses attribute to 12, the others can be left at zero. Equip the following spells Enfeeble, Insidious Parasite, and Spiteful Spirit - also using them in that order too. Leave the rest of your skill bar empty; this will increase the amount of time the doppelganger spends attacking. Do not attack the doppelganger yourself, just stand still and let his attacks hit. As long as both Enfeeble and Insidious Parasite are cast then even an armour rating of 60 should give you a net health gain, even if only by a small amount.
  • It is advised that, for a couple of reasons, a Staff or Wand/Off-Hand combination be used during the fight. Firstly the enemy AI will constantly use Enfeeble against certain character classes using martial weapons, such as a Monk with a Totem Axe, to counter this simply use any spellcasting weapon. The second reason is related to energy. If the three spells are cast as soon as possible then the fight will be over in less than 20 seconds; ie. before any of the hexes have the chance to expire and they will not need to be recast. This means that energy regeneration is not particularly important, the main factor to control is the initial energy pool of the character fighting. A full cast of all three spells costs a relatively mediocre 35 energy, if you do not have that much energy (ie. a warrior with no Radiant Insignia) then you must use a combination of weapons that raises your energy by over 10, preferably 15; a Staff or a Wand and Curses Focus is advised for this. If you already have the required energy, for example on an Elementalist with some points in Energy Storage then consider taking a shield for a small amount of extra armour, even if you don't meet its requirements.
  • This has so far only actually been tested on a Warrior, Ranger, Elementalist, Necromancer and Monk. All of these successfully completed the bonus on their first attempt - except that time I forgot to put point into Curses
  • It's never actually explained why using a martial weapon and the Doppelgangers constant recast of Enfeeble is bad in the main section. I'll answer that here instead; by constantly casting Enfeeble against the player the Doppelganger cuts down on its time attacking and therefore the damage it takes. Therefore there is the chance that the hexes will run out whilst it still has a low amount of HP left. For classes with enough energy a second cast of SS simply finishes it off but for Warriors this might not be so easy - using a Staff therefore makes it just that little bit easier. For the record I always used a staff and have only tried the Wand/focus method using Droknar's Blood Scepter on my Monk, it worked fine though and I'm pretty sure the AI treats Enfeeble casting the same on all spellcasting weapons (since they're usually not much of a threat).
  • This build has the advantage over any other in that not just will it work for any Primary profession but that the three spells required are all from the Prophecies campaign. A perhaps added difficulty would be that this build uses an Elite Skill that people may not have learnt on the ascending character. As a boon though Spiteful Spirit is very easy to cap from Nighh SpineChill near Camp Rankor; the other two spells can be learnt before the Crystal Desert is even reached.
  • You could add other spells such as Reckless Haste but doing so in fact makes it take longer for the doppelganger to die since he spends more time casting spells and less time attacking.
  • Characters with Necromancer as their primary profession obviously cannot (nor do they need to) change their secondary profession to Necromancer. In these cases the secondary profession is irrelevant. Necromancers can however put more points into Curses making the fight even quicker.
I didn't create the build; the original came from some notes on how to kill the HM doppelganger using a Necro. I realised it might work for all classes, I tested it and then wrote it up a bit. The version here is pretty much a direct copy and paste from the version that is hosted on one of the wiki's;

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Old Apr 09, 2008, 03:45 PM // 15:45   #373
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Originally Posted by Taurus
you peoples are enarmos neubs
i know how beat dipplelonger ->
aaah... 2007, those were the days. Im proud to be #9 on that tread.

Anyway, anyone can beat their dooplepooper with insidious parasite and price of failure. easy peasy. Just go any/N. An IAS speeds it up and taking enfeeble takes his damage down.
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Old Apr 09, 2008, 08:16 PM // 20:16   #374
Ascalonian Squire
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beat him on a lvl 10 necro with just SS and alot of dodging. he's too easy to deserve his own topic
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Old Apr 11, 2008, 07:24 PM // 19:24   #375
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Fastest way to kill it with pve skills - doppel didnt use it either.
I did hardmode doppel with bonus in around 15 seconds with following (primary N but anyone can do it with secondary N, even without elite)
Awaken of the blood (cast before steps on the stones)
Spoil Victor (not required, but in that cause u should dodge a bit, with sv - just stand still)
Ebon Assassin,
Order of pain
Finish him!
Just cast in that order. Beat HM Doppel in less than 10 seconds.
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Old May 02, 2008, 04:17 AM // 04:17   #376
Desert Nomad
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I always found the method for Rangers works for all classes so long as the secondary is Ranger. Long casting rituals just seem to always confuse the Doppleganger no matter what... of course... except Hard Mode.
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Old May 04, 2008, 05:05 PM // 17:05   #377
Desert Nomad
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Default Hard mode with monk

Class: Mo/Me

It took me 15-20 seconds to kill doplee using smiting build and arcane echo (the only mesmer skill) in hard mode.
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Old May 04, 2008, 07:56 PM // 19:56   #378
Frost Gate Guardian
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nm hb wand
hm pet bow
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Old May 04, 2008, 11:44 PM // 23:44   #379
Krytan Explorer
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Profession: Mo/W

bah.... it;s easier than that. HM dopple in < 10 secs. have any primary profession you like and have /Ranger as secondary.

give him 7 spirits and you take Ursan. toast the dopple ganger while he wastes his time setting up 7 spirits.

we did this for my friend when she was doing her survivor. in both NM and HM. easiest 130,000 XP in the whole ledgendary survivor experience
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Old May 05, 2008, 12:24 AM // 00:24   #380
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really ... how did this get approved as a community work ?
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