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Originally Posted by caballo_oscuro View Post
I've got an even better idea! Why don't we scrap embark beach, map travel and let everyone buy mounts, that way we can all spend 30 minutes going from where we are to where we wanna be and really experience the world.

Also, they should make us wait like 30-60 seconds for the boat to another continent.

If you want map travel, they should build Asura gates in main towns/mission outposts and charge people 100g a trip. That'd be much more fun. It just doesn't feel like an adventure anymore.

Oh, and they should make chat work only in the map you're currently in, if you want to talk to someone in a different continent, they should require you to use the in-game mail system, which would have a 30 minute delay. That'd make it feel more like a period fantasy game.
For all of you snorting and giggling at this.. it is pretty much travel as it exists in most of the big MMOs.. Time sink= money in subscription games.

In Everquest2, Vanguard, AoC you can spend 20-30 minutes just in travel time to many destinations..

Embark is fine.. and waaay more than most traditional MMOs offer.
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/notsigned , i think people can afford 1 more double click and it's not a must to the game...

Even if it was done , there would be still problems remaining on same occur :
- I rolled character , unfortunately, ToA ad1 is full they took someone else
- I rolled PvP character , unfortunately , HA id1 is full they took someone else

I hope i understood your problem which was about people who can't even wait 15 sec when you go craft consumables or roll character then go to DoA... But those probles i mentionned wouldstill remain....
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...because mapping directly where you want to instead of otherwise needless stops on the way is an inconvenience?

Practically everyone would use this and benefit from it at some point, and a lot would benefit from it on a regular basis.

This isn't other MMOs BTW; this is GW.

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