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Originally Posted by lemming View Post
To be fair, though, how does buffing a class specifically revitalize PvP?
Well... I can't really think of how it could possibly revitalize PvP, but that was kind of my original point that skill changes don't really affect the "big picture". Actually, I don't suppose the "big picture" is really the intent behind addressing the "liability" of paragons in PvP. I guess what I meant originally was that there are other "smaller" issues besides the "big picture". Like for example just incenting players to play Paragons in PvP - in a similar way that the derv update incented players to play dervs... Who know's, dervs might still get hit by the nerf bat & then they'll be relegated to where they were before the big update.

Originally Posted by lemming View Post
... What that has added up to is a class that basically requires zero interactivity to play - you can literally play at 95% efficiency with one hand.

The only reason you don't see more paragons these days is because of how the metagame evolved - in an environment where pushing the opposing team's flagger and stopping them from pushing yours is paramount, the immobility and relative lack of utility of paragons is a liability.
Yeah. I almost NEVER see paragons in GvG or HA (of course I don't have the inclination or tenacity to spend my available 'game time' waiting for more than 1/2hr team forming or timer restarts either), & only see paragons once every 20-30 matches in RA.

Maybe Anet will buff Paragons with stances... all the other physicals have stances... Who knows, maybe a single party wide adrenaline based Elite shout that worked like a toned down Xinrae's Weapon tied to leadership (ie: steal 1-3-4 HP per rank in leadership) combined with maybe one or two other skill changes in the leadership line is really all that the class needs in order to mitigate the "relative lack of utility" in each of the 3 non-factions based PvP formats.
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