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Old May 12, 2011, 04:37 PM // 16:37   #21
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Originally Posted by ele kid View Post
^^^ you mean if you have a miniature, say a mini jora or whatever. You should hand it to the "mini pet trader" and it becomes available to your entire accaunt..

does this still mean you can trade the pet? or would the option make the pet customized..
The original would remain unaffected, but any minis bought from the trader or created from the maker would be customized to that character, like the festival hats, costumes, etc.

Originally Posted by shadeblade47 View Post
A hat trader type thing that would allow you to have multiples would be a bit much imo, being able to keep a mini panda on every char would decrease the value even if it did not decrease the number of them in the market.
Not if they were auto-customized to the character requesting the mini. The value would be unaffected as these minis would have no trade value due to the customization (other characters would be unable to use or dedicate them). Because of this, it wouldn't matter how many characters on an account have a copy of the mini. The only way market value would take a hit is if players would be buying that mini for each of their characters. I don't think there are enough players in the game doing that (if any at all), to have any effect on the market. Most are just switching the mini out to the character they are currently logged in to.

Originally Posted by Kojima View Post
Originally Posted by clear View Post
I would rather see it a little differently. Once you dedicate a mini you should be able to delete that mini since you probably need the room for other stuff. Then once you start missing that mini you should be able to go the HoM and create another copy of that pet for your self. Then make dedicated minis non-tradeable just to really mess with the mini market.
I say this may actually be a better idea than the rest. This allows for already dedicated pets to become non sale-able and also at the same time allows us to have more slots free for other things.
The mini-pet maker (in the same vein as the festival hat maker), would serve the same purpose, as well as having the benefit of not needing EotN to provide the service.


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Old May 13, 2011, 03:07 AM // 03:07   #22
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yea i think that would be a good way to go about it. like theres a mini maker, but you can only show him a mini that is in YOUR HoM and any copies are customized (untradeable). that would work. i say they would definitely need to be in your HoM tho otherwis it wouldnt be fair to let someone keep buying and selling 1 mini at a time and getting them all for the price of 1
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Old May 13, 2011, 12:58 PM // 12:58   #23
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My only problem is that there are still some players who do not have EotN, so have no access to the HoM. I don't have a problem with people buying minis, be it from another player or from a ZCoin trader just to add them their stockpile. I'm not really seeing how that would be unfair to anyone else.

The only thing I see unfair at this point in time with the minis is that there are some that are simply unobtainable for most players, due to an extreme high cost and the limited supply that created (or lost due to bans). That's why I would like to see a ZCoin trader with the full complement of minis in addition to the "Mini-pet Maker" to at least give the potential to have a complete collection, based upon the time you make in the game to acquire the needed amount of coins.

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Old May 13, 2011, 02:28 PM // 14:28   #24
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I agree with all of this. Ded. mini's are pretty much useless but seem to be so hard to get rid of, whether it be selling or actually bringing yourself to delete one.
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Old May 13, 2011, 06:29 PM // 18:29   #25
are we there yet?
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I do believe there are still some ded minis that people will pay for ---greens and the limited ed ones--so not all ded minis are hard to get rid of (now 1st year bday ones---yeah, even 2nd or 3rd---but I am still missing 4th and 5th year ones, and a dedicated one is good enough for me since I have more than 50 already in my HoM).
so not all dedicateds are hard to sell----
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Old May 13, 2011, 08:25 PM // 20:25   #26
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I like the idea of a mini pet trader that could make you a mini pet, customized to you, after you dedicate it.

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Old May 15, 2011, 02:52 PM // 14:52   #27
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Already suggested here.

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