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Old Dec 01, 2006, 12:15 PM // 12:15   #81
Lion's Arch Merchant
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Old Dec 01, 2006, 01:39 PM // 13:39   #82
Furnace Stoker
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I try clothes on without trying it

But isnt this what resources like are for. To let us see previews of armor.


that it would be cool to preview armor before buying

/semi notsigned

at it being a priority.

I tend to just get end-game armor because Id rather have armor which shows ive completed the game, as apose to spent more on expensive stuff.
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Old Dec 01, 2006, 01:41 PM // 13:41   #83
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I'm wit it.

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Old Dec 01, 2006, 01:52 PM // 13:52   #84
Metal Machine
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hey nice idea!
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Old Dec 01, 2006, 02:29 PM // 14:29   #85
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Old Dec 01, 2006, 03:40 PM // 15:40   #86
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Old Dec 01, 2006, 04:00 PM // 16:00   #87
Ascalonian Squire
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Great idea
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Old Dec 01, 2006, 04:07 PM // 16:07   #88
Frost Gate Guardian
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No words or explanation needed.
Who would buy clothes without trying them out? Only the fool and the blind do things like this.

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Old Dec 01, 2006, 04:49 PM // 16:49   #89
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Like the idea very much
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Old May 16, 2011, 05:20 PM // 17:20   #90
Krytan Explorer
Join Date: Oct 2007

since now hom requires certain armors to get points, it would be nice to see which character would look best in the required armor.
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Old May 17, 2011, 03:07 AM // 03:07   #91
Departed from Tyria
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Not only is this old and /signed spammed like all hell, but it has been suggested before here.

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