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Originally Posted by Pugs Not Drugs View Post
I still cannot figure out why ANet implemented cons. It goes against the core values the original game was based on, which was sucess in a mission should be dependant on player skill, not how much money or gear they have. And those screen shots are just dissapointing. Shadow form alone caused huge inflation in the economy, so things that were once valuable drops are now merchant food. I am totally in agreement with its nerf, but I think its too late into the game for ANet to do anything and will just hope they don't repeat their mistakes in GW2.
No offense, but I don't think you know what inflation means. General RISE in price of items, so you would be paying MORE for the same items than before.
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Originally Posted by Gli View Post
Who cares anymore anyway?

Forget about SF. Looking at that Duncan screenshot makes me sick to the stomach because of all the stacked consumable effects. Those damn things turned the game into a joke. But I just swallow the bile and play the game the way I like it, even if I that means I can't play with 99.99% of the player base because I refuse to play with any consumables at all.
^ this.

The record breaking SC teams use a buttload of pcons. THOSE are the issue, SF pales into comparison as a result. I can see how it is an issue, but pcons make it the huge issue that people see it as. There are plenty of people who use SF without pcons and don't get the same results or much slower times.

Make corn overwrite eggs etc and you'll get rid of these times you have an objection to. Let's not forget that not every person who speedclears uses a buttload of pcons. Those people are in the minority.

Sticking SF on your bar doesn't guarantee success. Ask all the fail tway groups in ToA.
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using sf is nowhere the the madness that all the duping caused it is a skill it is something u have to learn to use same as any other skill in the game those guys who are posting 3 min runs and 11 min runs they have spent countless hours learning the skills to do those areas that fast i never said sf wasnt bad or op but its just a play style that some prefer some do not and its not that just one guy can use it and others cant its open to everyone and by beating a dead horse at this point what i meant is the damage is alrdy done it has undervalued items and such the time it would take the economy to recover from what sf has done most will be on to gw2 alrdy so yes why cant we just drop it use it or dont its up to you but it is there for anyone who wants to to use it its not duping or just one guy can
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The arguments you give are fine , but i don't like using those screenshots particularly to support the idea...
I'm pretty sure not everyone can do those times ( i.e 3mn at duncan ) whereas many can do close to same times on UW and DoA . I don't think SF should be nerfed because a few people can do 3mn at duncan , but because a lot of players are abusing it to farm repetitively quickly UW ... You know , i did get top30 in herobattles with a non-meta build , others roughly got top1000 with it , but that doesn't mean it has to be instantly deleted.....

A reason something should be nerfed is if everyone is only using it , and if it's too effective for the "level of skill " required... But once again i'm pretty sure those times are reached thanks to conset... Remove those and SF gets useless....

/signed anyway
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Nothing has happened with Shadow Form or anything to do with dungeons or speed clears since the last time we talked about Shadow Form that a new discussion thread is warranted.

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