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Originally Posted by MithranArkanere View Post
AP is not a damage skill.

It's a gimmick skill.
Damage immunities, radar-wide party heals, instant recharges of all skills with simple conditions like the target dying... these things should never exist.
That's retarded. Skills like AP are what make the game interesting. If you take them out then you might as well just combine everything into two classes, which we can label HPS and DPS. Because pretty much everything else is "gimmicky". Have you seen prot spirit? Holy RED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GO is that a skill built around gimmicks.
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I seriously don't think AP is seriously imbalancing the game or anything because just looking around towns, I'm not seeing as many /A's as I would expect from an IMBA build. That being said, it IS an OP skill, no doubt; I just think the average player doesn't realize it. People in my guild are always pinging necro and ele builds with the normal array of curses and fire magic garbage. My reply is usually, "have you tried an AP caller?" Almost invariably they reply either NO or "Yeah, but it seemed hard".

I think a reasonable nerf to the skill is to link it to Critical Strikes to negate the ENERGY return on activation.

"For 10...15...20 seconds, if target foe dies, you gain 5...17...20 Energy and all your skills are recharged."

That way even with a 0 spec, necros and ele's can still use it, they just will have to deal with shorter but manageable duration and have to deal with their own energy management.

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Originally Posted by Lanier View Post
You want to talk about having fun? Having one build that dominates all others for a given profession is not fun - it kills build diversity for that profession. A large part of this game is the fact that their are countless skills and countless skill combinations, and being limited by the fact that one combination of skills (most of which arn't even elementalist) completely dominate all other builds is counter to having a variety of equally viable builds. What I am trying to say is that the fact that one build dominates all other builds for a single profession (note that i am talking about offensive builds here, obviously eles can also ER), is not fun at all.

I'll go back to my analogy with paragons. The imbagon build is simply far more effective than any of the other builds available to paragons. It is OP, and as such, has ruined the fun of the class because it has restricted the build diversity and forced you to run a single build if you want to run the optimal build.

In other words, having one build that clearly outshines all of the other builds for that intended use (and by a large margin too) is not "fun" at all.

I'm not supporting the Glyph change. I said that I supported a nerf to AP if it accompanied a change that made elemental damage useful, and I don't believe the glyph change in the OP is the right way to make elementalists useful offensively. Back to my paragon analogy - I support a nerf to imbagons as long as it occurs at the same time other options for paragon support are buffed.
ITS PVE!!! Its not like I'm doing PvP and over POWERING another player in a PvP match. You make it sound like its unfair to other players to run A/E or E/A with AP as an elite skill. Who is it being unfair to? Tell me please because i dont think anyone is being hurt by AP as it is.

Go read my Meta thread in gladiators forum. I think you might learn something.
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