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Old May 27, 2011, 07:54 PM // 19:54   #1
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Default HoM mini pet maker

i propose that anet create a mini pet maker: ie hat maker... in such that if you have already dedicated a mini pet. it will be available to the maker market. and to stop the flood of dedicated minis being created and sold to the trade market... whichever character you create the mini on, (even if it is not the character it was dedicated on in the HoM. minis should be account wide available) the mini will be customized. so if i dedicated the mini kanaxai on my dervish. then my monk can create one and it would say dedicated to "so and so" monk. this would stop the mini from being sold and flooding the market. the original dedicated copy of any mini pet can still be sold for face value, as it can be used by any other account like normal. seeing as how we already know that mini pets wont play any "real" part in GW2... this will allow us to find a real purpose for them in GW1.
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Please explain what you mean by "a real purpose for them". I'm just not seeing it.
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Old May 27, 2011, 09:35 PM // 21:35   #3
not so much fell as.....
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wasn't this suggested last week?
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I don't know if it was suggested before, but I needed to buy a new Xunlai panel for my miniatures alone. I think this was a ploy by Anet to make us have to buy panels, so this will never happen.
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Old May 27, 2011, 09:50 PM // 21:50   #5
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Originally Posted by Aeronwen View Post
wasn't this suggested last week?
Sorta, but even then, this idea is truly much older than that.

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