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Default Hard Mode Quest Resets

According to the title, reset Hard Mode quests once a week (or some other arbitrary amount of time) so that they can be repeated.

Reasoning for repeatability:
This was something missed with old quests like the Titan Quests that people wanted to do again without re-rolling. By reseting hard mode quests people will have the ability to do them again and again if they so wish - especially if Hard Mode quests are reserved for the most popular or memorable quests.

Reasoning for periodic reset vs instant reset:
Resetting Hard Mode quests periodically (a week being mentioned in this suggestion) allows for some time before repeating them. This, as opposed to being able to instantly repeat them, may slow down any abuse that needs to be dealt with by the team as well as help prevent burn-out. It's a recommendation, though the objective does not require it in order to be satisfied.

Issues to be resolved:
Quest Chains
Obviously there are other issues which need to be worked out by the team such as how a chain of quests (ex the new HM Titan Questsvs Galrath) reset - does the player need to finish all of them? finish some and abandon the current one before the first resets? etc etc. The dev team is better able to figure out those issues than players on this forum so it is just mentioned here to hopefully prevent this thread from being flooded with reminders.

These could possibly be another issue. Ultimately if the quest reward is treated as a repeatable (weekly, daily, monthly, whatever) reward, and scaled accordingly then there should be no problem - it can remain the same each run of the quest. If the reward is really meant as a once-per-lifetime of the character type of reward then perhaps it should be re-thought so that the reward for completing the quest the first time is the same as the nth time - preventing a variable reward amount and simplifying the process.

Assume the worst, that the live team is disbanded and there is no time for any new feature to be implemented in Guild Wars, and this is just a discussion on the merits or whether Guild Wars needed or did not need this feature. Also, assume no matter how easy or difficult to implement that ArenaNet's developers are competent enough to enact such an implementation so that we can discuss the concept itself and not the implementation behind the game.

This will help direct the discussion towards how well recieved this 'dream feature' would be with the community and away from the 'the live team does not have the resources' or 'guild wars 2 is coming' responses. Then, the folks at ArenaNet can decide whether they have the resources to implement something such as this, as opposed to players speculating what they are and are not capable of doing.

Hard Mode Quests repeatable with issues that need to be resolved by the Dev Team should they find this concept interesting and doable. We all accept that most of the work by ANet is going towards Guild Wars 2, some people do not want to divert work towards GW from GW2, the Live Team is small and cannot work on something like this, etc etc in order to keep comments on the desirability of the concept presented.

I can't think of a reason against this feature except to prevent others, specifically, from playing the game in this manner since it would not force anyone to repeat HM quests. However, I also don't know whether I am the only person here that would enjoy this feature or not. That's why I posted it see if other people believe this is a feature that would be rather enjoyable, or something that's just meh.

If I'm the only one that would probably enjoy something like this then it most definitely would be a waste of time.

If there are enough others that believe it would be enjoyable then perhaps it would not be a waste of time.
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The rewards are very low compared to the time invested so sure, why not? I personally haven't even done them once lol.

/3 Stars ...sure
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