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Default Wiki giving daily codex skills

Since wiki gives things such as the daily zquests on the main page I don't see the harm in them creating a simple page that gives the current daily codex deck list for all professions. It only seems reasonable ever since the update.
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There used to be one, although it was not updated frequently after the first couple weeks of the format's addition. It was widely hoped at the time that ArenaNet would add a page on to automatically reflect the current codex.
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Dunno, just go to Codex, go to skill menu and look for yourself? It will probably be just as fast, you just can't do it from work or w/e, which might be what you're aiming at?
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Two things you can do

1. Create a wiki page
2. Go to wiki and suggest it

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As pointed out, this list did exist, but has since not been maintained, likely due to the frequency to which skills have been changed and the overall inactivity of the arena. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that even though it's ANet's wiki, they likely don't try to maintain all types of content that could go on there. You should go to the wiki and see if people would be interested in having this again, and then take the first step in actually putting it together.

Since this subforum is for suggestions concerning the game itself, and not the wiki, this will now be

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