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Old Nov 11, 2010, 10:20 AM // 10:20   #61
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gamerz is one of the most fun title to achieve and pvpers need the raise of faction cap. If you only pve and don't know why, just avoid to comment. I do not comment on translation from ancient greek, since I do not know ancient greek (no modern). So, as a general rule, if you don't know what you are saying, just don't say anything.
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Old Nov 11, 2010, 03:57 PM // 15:57   #62
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Fair enough.

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Old Jun 07, 2011, 05:57 AM // 05:57   #63
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Well since no one has posted on this in months and reading everything on here, let's think about 1 thing on the gamer title track, During X-Mas Event what is there that no other gamer arena offers like DA, Costume Drawl...freaking Snowball AT's....i'm pretty sure this is daily AT.. PvP and Strategical while the event is going so i see no reason why to not include it to raise balth, maybe not by 5k a rank but 3k is more than reasonable.

/signed--after 7 months of no one adding on to this
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Old Jun 07, 2011, 06:53 AM // 06:53   #64
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Originally Posted by Shayne Hawke View Post
The Gamer title is a PvP title. Why doesn't it increase the faction cap for Balthazar faction?

I want to implement the same system as Gladiator or Champion on this: Every rank = 5k higher on your faction cap.
Actually it counts as a PvE title so just no.

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Old Jun 07, 2011, 07:02 AM // 07:02   #65
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Originally Posted by nologic View Post
Actually it counts as a PvE title so just no.

You do realize the post you quoted was from 2007, before the HoM calculator and thus before the HoM calculator showing that it didn't count as a PvP title?
Besides which, the argument of it being a PvP title (even if it doesnt count for HoM, as HoM isn't perfect in judging titles to be PvP or PvE *cough*zaishen*cough*) still holds, the only way to obtain it is a form of PvP (although some things, like the rollerbeetle race, cut it close to being PvE, they are still competitions against other players).
By reversing your logic, the zaishen title should increase balth faction as it DOES count as a PvP title while obviously not being one.

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Old Jun 08, 2011, 06:04 AM // 06:04   #66
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Originally Posted by nologic View Post
Actually it counts as a PvE title so just no.

Does that mean it should be a PvE title? Nope.
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Old Jun 08, 2011, 01:35 PM // 13:35   #67
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It doesn't count as PvE title. It would count as PvP, but it doesn't either. It's blurry in the Dragon Nest area.
You can't increase that title on an everyday basis, either.

The poor guy is an exception. An orphan. A poor shunned title.
It won't count in the HoM as a PvP title, nor give Balthazar cap increases.

I see it merely as a 'novelty' title.

But if they ever add some kind of permanent game arena, they should definitely add it to the HoM as a PvP title, and give Balthazar cap increases for it.
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Old Jun 09, 2011, 11:14 AM // 11:14   #68
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Snowball AT's is not necessarily a good reason to give out a balth faction cap increase. Half of the better teams during these events are macroing and botting like mad people, which really just rewards you for cheating.

I do actually agree that gamer title probably should raise ur cap, i just think that snowball AT's a bad example to back up the point. The rewards are just so high in sAT's that it naturally promotes cheating.

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Old Jun 10, 2011, 01:12 AM // 01:12   #69
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Originally Posted by Div View Post
Why would BF cap even matter anymore? And the gamer title is a stupid title.
It doesn't matter. If you have a few hero ranks, gladiator, and codex then there is plenty of faction to go around. Lord knows most people exchange all their faction for keys anyway.

Maximum faction cap is 250,000 = 10,000 (initial) + 60,000 (max Gladiator) + 60,000 (max Hero) + 60,000 (max Champion) + 60,000 (max Commander or max Codex).
That should end the argument right there, if you need more than 100k balthazar at any given time then I'm not sure how you would express it to anyone else.
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