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Default allow dancenew effects to work with EL tonics

If you are on a Dervish with NF collector's edition and type /dancenew and then pop a tonic (even if it is a Kahmu tonic), then it stops the animation and when you type /dancenew again there's no discoball. So if you have a dervish and use a Melonni tonic I presume it is the same (you don't get to use dancenew to create effects if you are in a tonic).

I think it would be nice if you could use /dancenew while under EL tonics.

Kahmu (D/)
Melonni (D/)
Hayda (P/)
General Morgahn (P/)
Keiran (P/)
Razah (Rt/)
Xandra (Rt/)
Anton (A/)
Miku (A/)

The /dancenew effect should go by the tonic's profession, and not stop if the original character profession had an effect.

For example: Assassin in /dancenew that uses Kahmu tonic and types /dancenew again has backup crew and disco ball spinning.

option 2: use original profession's dancenew : i.e. Dervish character
option 3: use profession of tonic for dancenew : i.e. Miku tonic <-- easiest to program I think

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Agreed, its needed for my Zenmai!
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Old Jun 25, 2011, 02:04 AM // 02:04   #3
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I think the idea in first example is a bit too much.
However would be sorta nice to have the /dancenew of the profession the tonic has. Obviously you'll need the collectors edition to do so still.
/signed for option 3. (not a need but I don't see the harm)
/not signed for the others
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when you dance in tonic form, you dance as that character/hero/creature. I highly doubt that those characters/heroes/creatures bought the collector's edition, so they do not have the emote.
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