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Default Winds of Change -> Nightfall profession support in Cantha

It's long been a thorn in my side that Nightfall professions could not get armor from any other campaign. I started playing Guild Wars after EotN was released, and my "first main" was a Dervish. I spent a fair chunk of time helping out the Luxons, dreaming of looking as fancifully vagrant as they did, only to discover that no matter how much I invested in the effort, they'd never help me out with a fancy suit of clothes.

I understand the choice not to supply every new profession with multiple armors for every campaign, but I feel like there ought to be at least one endgame prestige armor set available in the local style, perhaps in the post-campaign-completion reward areas. And for the massive undertaking that is championing the Luxons (or the Kurzicks), I feel even more strongly that they ought to make a little effort to accommodate me, after I've done so much for them as a people. This only stung the more when I realized that Factions professions are supported in Nightfall, via skills and armors available, even if they are still somewhat marginalized compared to the six core professions.

Now, I don't mean to just complain, and I recognize that under "normal" circumstances this might never happen. However, we know that an important update to Cantha, titled "Guild Wars Beyond: Winds of Change" is actually in the works, in which the story of the original will be continued. This would be an ideal opportunity to add some support for Nightfall professions in Cantha. I would like to see Luxon and Kurzick armors, and maybe even a small number of new skills (hey, I can dream!) made available for Paragons and Dervishes in the new content.

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The topic of Dervish/Paragon armors in factions has been talked about extensively. The only thing to do is wait and see what WoC will bring.
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It would be pretty sweet if this forum had a search function.

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Yeah, this idea has been posted probably more than any other in the entire history of this forum. As stated in the rules (always read stickies before posting), not bothering to use the search button will result in thread closure.

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