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Old Jul 15, 2011, 11:40 PM // 23:40   #41
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I like the idea of having the Xunlai box 'passworded'. It would probably be cleaner just to have a puzzle system to get in like the Encrypted Battle Plan Decoder. Yes this isn't perfect given that people store on alts...but with a secure place I'd hope valuable things would wind up there instead.
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Old Jul 17, 2011, 03:10 AM // 03:10   #42
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Originally Posted by drkn View Post
Lemme put more emphasis on it - some jerk tries to log onto my account, fails five times, moves on to another email, and then i have to take the punishment of his actions. The not-so-lucky hacker just leaves me be, for the time being, and moves on. As the outcome, it's me who has to suffer the '24h trading lock'.
While it's an awesome idea directed to people that actually get hacked, i believe the successful hacks are only a tiny percentage of all the attempts. This means that everyone whose account ain't broken into suffers from this system rather than benefit.
There would have to be some way to unlock trades the minute i log into the game, without bugging support. If not, this idea is one of the worst regarding the account security, seen from perspective wider than one poor hacked guy out of hundreds who were 'lucky' enough to thwart hacker's attempts.

Also, +1 for Gremlin in this thread.
This is why this is an option, if you do get hacked and suffer a 24h trade lock, that was from your own doing for putting the option on.
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Old Jul 17, 2011, 05:31 AM // 05:31   #43
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Besides, if you would receive an email with the IP address of who tried to login to your account, you could also use this to (potentially) track down the person's isp and report. Not saying a single failed login, but if you notice someone is constantly harassing you by doing this.
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