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Originally Posted by Horus Moonlight View Post
Ecto prices have always fluctuated in GW's history. At it's peak, I believe it was 18k but it has been quite some time since it has ever reached that high. There have been nerfs to the FotM ecto farm before and prices did not "go through the roof". Players have always farmed rare mats since they existed and long before the current concept of SC existed. The GW community did not "need" SC then and they don't "need" SC now. Anyone who honestly believes ecto, shard, armbrace, etc. prices would sky-rocket if SF (and its analogues) were nerfed are either delusional or have a modest interpretation of what sky-rocketing prices entails.
Actually, I'm pretty sure they would. The day UW got nerfed, Ecto's went up from 3,6k/ea to over 6k/ea, in 1 day. Then they kept going up gradually. And that wasn't even a nerf to SF, it was just UW that got completely reworked. Also, armbraces would go up to at least 30e again. Who do you think supplies most armbraces? The DwG crowd or the diehard SC'ers? They might be more in numbers, but we make armbraces at twice to up to 4 times the speed they do. Shards wouldn't be affected that much imo, FoW is still easily farmable without SF. That area is really a joke..

I'm not saying the items will stay that high, but in a mass panic that would follow the SF nerf, they would certainly go up, and maybe gradually go down again, but they would still be higher than now.

Originally Posted by Horus Moonlight View Post
Although SC would indeed generate the most items as they would by definition clear said areas the quickest, the prices would not be ridiculously high. How this would affect SC times are way too complicated to predict but I'd be skeptical of it widening the gap between SC and non-SC (if you want to call it balanced).
To be honest, if only SF were to be nerfed, ele's would most likely just take over, and not much would change to SC's. DoA would be slightly slower due to not being able to trenchway anymore and the fact that SF tanks are just faster than obby flesh, because they can move faster and can do cool stuff with shadow steps. UW would pretty much stay the same thanks to ele's just replacing the ssins (since they've practically already done that). And FoW would probably also see ele's instead of ssins/rangers.
Now, if all spell protection were to be nerfed, I can't say anything about UW, because I only know the basics from that area.. But DoA can easily be done <50mins balancedway if you ask me, if not <45... And FoW, well FoW's a joke.. That would still be a piss in the park...

Originally Posted by Horus Moonlight View Post
The people abusing it would not benefit from it. That conclusion is beyond farfetched. It would benefit those who have said areas inadvertently nerfed for them due to SCs. It would benefit those who don't "abuse" (your words, not mine) SF but wish to complete areas that are increasingly becoming fashioned towards SC's. Most importantly, it would benefit those who uphold the idea of balance. You know, that wonderful concept that a game should strive to achieve.
With abusing it, I mean the exp SC'ers, the High-end crowd who've been SC'ing for a long time. Of course shitty PUGs wouldn't benefit, they'd suffer pretty badly if you ask me.. But the exp SC'ers would probably find a new teambuild soon enough to get the stuff done as fast as possible again.
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