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Default Reduce Price of Guild Wars Campaigns in GW store

Title says it all.

Currently in the official NC soft store, the prices for the gw trilogy are $29.99 while each campaign is also $29.99 except eotn is $19.99.

Now this post isn't for me, I've been playing guild wars for 5+ years, pre-ordered every expansion at full price etc except prophecies. But I know several "returning" players who want to do their hom and stuff and get ready for gw2, but don't have all the campaigns. Now all of them already own at least 1 or 2 campaigns. Its silly to think that it would be cheaper for them to buy a whole new trilogy, than to buy just factions + nightfall. Why should existing players be punished like this? And even if you think punishment is to strong a word, if anet wants to give discounts to new players go ahead etc, that's fine and all, but you would think they would also want to sell as much as their product as they could. The games have been out for several years... its only natural to cut prices some more.

As it stands several of my friends would 1) rather not buy the expansions, b/c they feel its to expensive and a waste of money compared to just buying the whole set (but then they lose their toons, armor, $, whatever else they had from their original game) or 2) buy it from some other site for $9.99, now I have no idea if buying from a store site (like gamestop) is against the user license agreement or not, but pretty sure buying it from a place like ebay, amazon, etc from other players is against it, plus there's always the risk that the cd-key won't work b/c its been used already, that sort of thing.

I'm pretty sure a lot of the guru community will be like /notsigned, i paid full price, so should they, b/c i've seen that type of mindset in other threads a lot, but guess what, I paid full price too... and I'm signing this because it seems like a great idea I had Guild Wars needs all the help it can get getting more players into the community atm, either new players or bringing back returning players, and this would go a long way as a nice incentive to just that.

My suggested prices are:
Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall: $19 or $14.99 each
Eotn: $14.99 or $9.99
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Newegg has the complete set for $27.99. Even if you only use 2 of the keys to add to an existing account, it better than the price you're requesting from the NC store.

Eye of the North, while currently out of stock, is only $5.99.

You're going to get the boxes with unused keys from them, so that's not a concern.
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Ideally they would drop the price to $10-20 a chapter and $10 for EOTN ala Bonus mission pack, but then it would force people to buy digital only (and it would make buying character slots very unattractive except for HoM purposes).

As it is now, there's no reason to buy anything other than the trilogy + EOTN even if you have one of the original 3 because Trilogy is $28 and EOTN is $6-12 (and $30 for complete at Walmart).

Prices don't always make sense because stores need to pay rent, so they price to move. Case in point: $15 trilogy at Gamestop when it was Black Friday or some other sale.... you can't expect them to make chapters $5.

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