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Originally Posted by Amy Awien View Post
ANet's management can think for themselves and don't need us to look after their interests.
Ehem, the entire point of Sardelac, and these threads is suggestions. By that logic, we shouldn't suggest a thing in these threads... OK, moving on...

Originally Posted by Amy Awien View Post
an absurd proposition, as is the rest of your posts, and we haven't even mentioned your trolling and abundant abuse of personal attacks.
Bit ironic, no? These aren't attacks, they are counter points, some suggestions, and some personal thoughts and notes. At no point in this have I trolled anyone, but the weak assertion that when a point doesn't match your own, must be a troll, well, that's pretty classic.

Originally Posted by Amy Awien View Post
Time as an advantage is an absurd proposition,
As far as time being an advantage? A purchasable shortcut to all PvE content, Title "grind" and character leveling(covered all of this before, see recap above for other things) IS a huge work around. From an in game economy standpoint(believe I've been over this) it avoids all the structures of how everyday mechanics work. The amount of time and effort this would take the already taxed and limited staff to implement would take away from content they could work on for EVERY player. I'm all for cash shop additions, but not at the cost of existing or future content that isn't paid.

Originally Posted by Amy Awien View Post
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Old Nov 19, 2011, 08:37 AM // 08:37   #122
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Originally Posted by cormac ap dunn View Post
And goodnight!
The best goodbyes are like a knife in the dark: short, simple and to the point
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