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Old Dec 28, 2011, 04:57 PM // 16:57   #1
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Default Make the Kurz/Lux Titles more Guild Friendly.

Hey, I got to r12 with my Luxon title a couple years ago, and have pretty much ignored the kurzick one until recently. After grinding past r10, then facing the prospect of the same amount of faction to hit r12, I thought that it's a bit unfair.

My suggestion is, once you have hit r12 in EITHER of the titles, then you should get double on your title bar (eg 5k = 10k), for trading in your faction. I want to finish my title, but I don't want to leave my guild (luxon) just to get the double benefit from the alliance deposit.

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Old Dec 28, 2011, 08:14 PM // 20:14   #2
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I think you`ll find its anets way of scaling - look at eotn titles , R9 is i think 110k but r10 is 160k and you need the 50k to get it.
Tbh i dont what your upset about - a lot of players vq places for faction rather than do ab/jq/fa.
I do mine by mount qinkai or unwaking waters area and 10k rep every 16ish mins is quite gd especially as im using heros/mercs and infact most players will say its just as easy with hench.

Not sure if your aware but actually every 5k you donate to your Faction side gets you 10k faction on title
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Old Dec 28, 2011, 08:55 PM // 20:55   #3
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Originally Posted by Andemius View Post
Man-up and do the work like everyone else, or don't: your choice, it is easy enough.
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Old Dec 28, 2011, 10:14 PM // 22:14   #4
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I maxed kurz, but want to work on lux without leaving my guild. But that's me being sentimental and making that choice... if you want to get double points for donating faction that badly (and make the title that much quicker), enter a luxon guild and return to your kurz guild after you are done. Anet isn't forcing you to stay in your current guild, so no need to change a thing imho.
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Old Dec 28, 2011, 11:43 PM // 23:43   #5
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Guild: Vanguard's Last Stand [Hero]
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Spiritz, the eotn titles are very much different from the factions ones, the amount needed for r10 in those is much less, and much easier to get than the factions ones. There are a few faction VQs, but the luxon one is more popular than the kurz one, and ive hardly ever seen PUG teams forming it. I don't think you understood my suggestion properly, I know you get 10k for every 5k you doante to you ally, but I am working on kurz, while in a Lux ally, and don't want to leave simply because of this. However, as I have already reached r12 in luxon, it would seem fairer to allow the double faction benefit to players who have reached r12 in the title they have not. That way, some work has already been done, and players don't have to leave their guilds.

Drowze, I have done that a few times, but the speed at which faction can be acumilated makes it impractical to ask for re-invites all the time, as in the dead hours, none of the officers are online.
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