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Originally Posted by mrseasonalt View Post
/not signed because consumables are just that.... consumable

The reason there is an everlasting crate of fireworks is because it doesnt actually provide any benefit in any way to anyone. This however does. Not only would it be bad for the economy of alcohol, but it would then introduce more complaining people about other everlasting consumables that shouldnt exist.

Also there is no way you stood in kamadan for that long without some1 selling alcohol for a moderate price. Especially with the surplus of halloween alcohol.


u can turn that off......
Halloween drink is only 1 point so much easier to buy level 5 drink like aged ale keg etc. And yes there is a way i stood there that long. Ive been in kamaden this morning waiting around for mesmer reveal and only managed to buy 1 keg for 16k. been there now 35mins.

Anyways the point is.... why should we waste even 10mins buying drink when they should be encourging us to play the game best as possible.

And regarding why other things would need Everlasting.... sweet there is no point other running around towns faster and there is already EL Tonics so i dont know what else your thinking about making EL.

Not being horrible here but what your saying is.... Lets all stand in kamaden every 2 days buying drink for 10-20mins and spending countless money ontop of time.

Whats so wrong with a simple EL Keg that only has the same benefit Drink has that you can buy from players (except without the points), No unfair advantage at all is there. Like you said it can be purchased anyways.

I see no reason not to add it. In short it saves time and inventory slots as now im thinking you might have stacks of different kind of booze.
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Originally Posted by mrseasonalt View Post

You can turn that off...
Of course I can, but post-processing effects make more things other than the drunkenness blur.

With a blur that isn't too blurry, I can have both a drunkenness that let me play normally, AND other visual effects that use post-processing.
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u guys are crazy. what next /jesus makes u fly and u can just fly over the enemies instead of fighting them
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Originally Posted by drok3n View Post
u guys are crazy. what next /jesus makes u fly and u can just fly over the enemies instead of fighting them
Ah yes. The good ol' ad absurdum fallacy. Who needs legitimate points when you can make ridiculous arguments such as this?
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