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Old Jan 06, 2012, 02:42 PM // 14:42   #1
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Default Guild Hall additions

Communal. Guild. Chest.

I guess you might run into people taking advantage, BUT it goes on the assumption tha, hey, if you didn't want somebody taking stuff you wouldn't put it there.

Also, a message parchment(board) for us in guilds so small to not warrant an offsite forum. I play with all Germans, and I rarely see them sometimes, would be nice to leave messages.
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Default nuff said
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Old Jan 07, 2012, 10:47 AM // 10:47   #3
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Originally Posted by zpsycho View Post
nice, maybe they will reconsider, if it works out well

would be something good to most guilds

i'm in my own solo guild right now, but others could use it if they have stuff they rather merch
after a vq, you sometimes have good stuff, but you dont need it, and players dont pay much for it, so little, that you actually wont even think about trying to sell it, but someone can use it

there's many good points about this, but of course 1 bad point: you gotta trust your guildies, as they may sell the stuff you put in it, just to get the money
then again, many people could save others by putting in pretty nice drops


nothing real bad can happen, if you have guildies you can trust enough
unless the guild doesnt care about whether someone needs it, or merch it
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Old Jan 07, 2012, 03:54 PM // 15:54   #4
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/signed if the guild leader has some control over the distribution of guild chest items. Something like this would make a guild bank much easier to manage.
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