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Originally Posted by cormac ap dunn View Post
Well, the same guy whining about the hats, and barely comprehending what others are saying is getting a bit old. Same 3 pro hat people ignoring everyone else. Meh. For as long as people have begged for this , there has been 0 interest on the staffs part to implement this, and for solid reasons. YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT IT. BE THERE NEXT TIME. If you think the time it takes to go (psst afk or not your character was THERE) is too much of a hassle then you don't deserve them, and if you missed some? Guess next time you will have a shot. People miss things all the time. This is a fact of life. Get over it. If you can't then you have a sad existence indeed. Event = Hat. Not involved with the event = no hat. I don't think this is too hard to comprehend. And yet here we are. God, I shudder to think what will happen to these people in GW2 when events will happen whether they are there are not. Persistent worlds are going to destroy the whiny folks. "BUT I MISSED SOMETHING! I DEMAND YOU RESET EVERYTHING FOR ME!" Buckle down kids, that's gonna be a long game for you.
good thing i'm not a whining person, as i did state i dont care about others, and only wear 2 i have "oldest yule cap and cat ears"

For as long as people have begged for this , there has been 0 interest on the staffs part to implement this
just like the 7 hero teams and more stuff, which happened after all

there's no old anet anymore, there's only new anet, which gives us more of what we want than they did before

i remember posts like "7 hero wont come, live with it" yet it came after all... another example is LDoA having an alternative way to get

if i would buy GW2, it wouldnt be the first year most likely, as i dont have some money problems lately, i wouldnt care about missing hats

not there = no hats is same as "died = no survivor" and "no deathlvling = no LDoA" which are wrong now

also remember that making playing people happy(happier) is very important now

it may happen, not saying it will, but there's a chance, and with the current Anet its a bigger chance than some would expect
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Originally Posted by Gill Halendt View Post
I favor this (always did) and I have all of them.

I like to think there's something beyond me and my own personal needs, so if a suggestion sounds reasonable to me, I tend to support it, even when it doesn't impact my game experience directly.
Ditto as well.

Originally Posted by Strik3r View Post
You can tell from people wearing their hats.
No you can't. Unless of course you completely ignore the fact that characters from Factions only accounts have Wintersday hats. Last time I looked, Cantha does not have a Wintersday finale, NPC, nor can any character set foot in Tyria or Elona.

The fact of the matter is, the whatever exclusivity to the event the hats have had are long gone, just like the exclusivity of Survivor and LDoA are gone from Death-Leveling and newly created characters.

Every argument against allowing some method of "selling" the hats in-store have been refuted, and what we have now are people shouting "I want to keep my epeen - don't touch my epeen." Anet has clearly shown that they are willing to change content in the game if they feel that the "exclusivity" of a particular part is detrimental to everyone's ability to enjoy the game - the above mentioned titles are one of the latest examples of that. At first I was adamantly opposed to those titles being changed (I am sure Mithran remembers our spirited debates in that thread!) However, I came to see that at this point in the game's life and to help ensure the popularity of the game, the new modes of achieving those titles are beneficial. The plus side is that anyone can still go "old-school" and get them the original way, as I still attempt to do.

Likewise, with the hats, Anet realized early on, that to leave them as exclusive to a set series points of time on a single day was no longer fair or practical. First, it was because of server issues, hence we had reduxes and later the addition of NPCs that would linger for some time. Then, Anet took it to the next step and realized that factors outside of not only the player's control, but also their control as well (such as weather events), was equally unfair, so instituted the same things for events that had not previously had them.

My reasons for wanted to see the hats "in-store" have been clearly stated in previous posts. On top of that, I think it's long overdue for them to take the next step and allow the acquisition for all the hats for the reasons just stated. It seems to me, Anet realized that the original system for the hats was flawed, just as the titles were, and changed it to make up for it. Unfortunately, that still leaves the people who experienced issues before the changes high and dry - I spoke with many people years ago who asked about my hats and learned that they missed out due to ISP issues, power issues, in-game issues, and all the same reasons that the system was changed to being with. Let's all remember, these were back in the days before broadband was the dominate form of connection, and the reconnect system was still a wet dream - I still have nightmares of my first year of playing on Dial-Up.

Anet has shown a pattern of making changes in the game where necessary to accommodate players to help maintain their level of enjoyment. I just feel it is time to finish off the festival hats in the same manner, and also to help keep the game funded so those of use who do desire to continue playing, even after all the GW2 fanbois leave, will be able to do so.

Originally Posted by drok3n View Post
if we follow this mentality of everyone getting what they want, then we might as well add the best chest drops to IGS also. didnt get a mini dhuum from uw. just buy one from IGS. is this what you want this game to be?
Originally Posted by cormac ap dunn View Post
Every time they get an inch they ask for a mile good sir. today hats, tomorrow purchased level 20 PvE GWAMMs , just shake and pour.
Incorrect. Sure people will ask for anything, but Anet has already stated that cosmetic items will be the only types of things sold in the store, for the most part. The simple fact of the matter is that no one here wants to see GW become ZT Online, so it won't happen, and (except for extreme cases) we don't see players asking for that kind of stuff in the store. Last time I looked, festival hats were still purely cosmetic items and so I do not have an issue with a means of acquisition through purchase.


Edit 6/29/2012 (so I don't necro an old thread):
Ahh, thanks Anet! Ask and ye shall receive:

Originally Posted by Stephane Lo Presti
Following yesterday’s update, the community asked questions about the introduction of the two new NPCs (Kagno and Sun Li) and we thought that we’d give you more details about them:

Sun Li and Kagno will appear at the start of the Dragon Festival and be available for one week after it ends.
Sun Li’s quest will reward one Imperial Mask Token, and it can be completed once per account each year.
Kagno will offer hats from past Dragon Festivals and the Day of the Tengu but not other holidays.
Kagno will also offer an item for those who already have all the hats he carries.

Live Team Leader Designer John Stumme would also like to provide some background and further explanation about this change:

“This isn’t just a change that we’re making for the Dragon Festival, but also for other hat-related festivals going forward. What it comes down to is simply that, moving forward, we aren’t going to have art resources to make new hats for festivals anymore. At some point, we had to consider a break with tradition and put out the first festival that doesn’t include something new.

The easy way to handle it would have been to release with last year’s hats, and essentially have the festival go untouched. This would have generated confusion along the way—was it a bug that the new hats weren’t added? etc. So we weighed our options, and decided that being able to offer this was better than offering nothing. That’s why players will be able to get hats from years prior, at the rate of one per year during each respective festival.

Those items have been exclusive for years. If you haven’t gotten enjoyment out of your pumpkin head by now, then it isn’t really the item that you love – it’s the fact that someone else doesn’t have it. A hat is an item that is bound to your character, and the prestige associated relies on standing in an outpost and hoping that someone notices your character. I feel more comfortable offering up items like these than I do offering exclusives that convey tangible benefits, or undermine the spirit in which they were given. Festivals are a reason for players to get together and have fun in the game, and the hat is a nice bonus/reason for being there. With some of our holidays (Halloween, Wintersday), being there for those finales isn’t always possible, and we’ve made a few changes to make some of them more accessible. But there’s been no shortage of people asking to have a way to get hats from years prior.

I didn’t want to make a decision like this unless it was the best one available to us, and the good of it outweighed the bad. I’m not sure that there’s really a right answer when it comes to having to present players a ramp down in the game – the best that we can do is try to be as graceful and considerate in it as we can be."

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