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Old Feb 14, 2012, 03:03 PM // 15:03   #21
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Keiran's bow is the exception, and it should be the only one.

But it's true that it would be great to be able to mod those skins, so, instead, they should be added to the game as drops or craftables.
For example, adding a chest to the end of the Tombs of Primeval Kings, and making some of them drop from there as rare inscribable drops, or making them drop from ministry units (and chest nearby ministry unit spawns) as normal drops, or adding another material like ZCoins that can be acquired from Imperial Lockboxes or in exchange from Imperial Requisitions, and used to craft them.

There's also some other skins that appear only as uniques, and I strongly believe that every single skin should be available as a modable drop, reward or craftable in PvE, and also as a PvP reward, not only as uniques or only as PvP rewards.

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Moddable greens are already in game. They're called golds
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Old Feb 15, 2012, 06:22 AM // 06:22   #23
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Greens should have never existed in the first place and I say this because 90% of green items are useless due to useless mods.

What Anet should have done is make bosses drop gold items in their name that are modable(ex. Dhuum's Scythe)

I actually would like to see Green items become modable so many that are thrown away can become useful. Just make the mods non salvageable so you don't have weapon mods becoming worthless.

Another way to do this is implement some type of system other than the traditional way to mod weapons. An example would be for bosses to drop special green modifiers.

Unfortunately the new WoC greens pose problems because of their strange universal caster requirements.
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Old Feb 16, 2012, 12:28 AM // 00:28   #24
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Originally Posted by Surgo View Post
I don't understand your objection #2 at all. You're assuming a technical limitation that changing the green wouldn't change what players already have. An assumption that is demonstrably false, as the change to the imperial spear a couple days ago shows.

As for objection, so what?

As it is, these items are mostly crap. Which is a shame because the skins are so nice. So let's be able to actually make them nice.
It isn't possible to change the items on a character or the storage box. It's the reason why old bugged or other changed items exist - such as the old version of the Yakslapper.

As to "so what?" - it makes the green that can less special. If any greens should ever be moddable they should be the rarest or most unique greens. In WoC's case, only those that come with Zei Ri and Miku, just as the one for Keiran is. Furthermore, a lot of greens have less-than-wanted mods. Often having 2 good mods and 1 bad. Why should WoC be special in being changed? Instead, ask for more unique-skinned greens but with better mods on them.

Now, if you were to say "make weapons with the same skins/attribtues, fitting names, but gold and make sure they're inscribable" - then I'd agree.

I'd rather see these as "Ministry Dual Swords" or something (that example replacing Oruku's Slicers), than to see greens be moddable.

Originally Posted by Swingline View Post
Greens should have never existed in the first place and I say this because 90% of green items are useless due to useless mods.
While I don't disagree with this statement, or the rest of your post, I think what truly ruined greens was that in Factions and on every boss had its own special green. Even newb island bosses. Which was silly.

Prophecies and its greens (including WiK/HotN combo - but excluding EotN) is how greens should be done. Odd places, elites, end-game, and a moddable given with hard-to-get (playtime wise) heroes (Keiran, Zei Ri, Miku being the only ones atm - questionably Razah).
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Old Feb 16, 2012, 03:03 AM // 03:03   #25
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I never understood why Greens didn't have a menu to choose what mods were on them, sort of like the pvp weapons screen. If you could choose the mods to whatever you needed for your build that would make them actually good.
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Old Feb 16, 2012, 03:12 AM // 03:12   #26
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Acyually, items HAVE been changed on inventories.

For example, all armors got updated to insignia. Either they replaced the old ones with copies that accept insignia, or they edited the existing ones to accept insignia.

I don't know exactly how it works, but I assume they get changed the next time a character is loaded instead globally for all characters at the same time.
Otherwise it would be quite a strain on the servers.

Why didn't they change other items? I suppose that's because they are harder to detect and determine. Armor isn't as easy to change as "It's in the armor slot". They changed armors that were in inventory and storage.
Who knows what kind of data trickery they used to save storage, that makes things horrible to code. Making harder to 'lock on' the item, or edit it, or make a copy with proper properties.

If you ask me, all mods should have dropped maxed like runes and insignia, all items inscribable, and PvE drops should have come with inherent PvE only properties, and unique weapons with actual unique properties. Moving properties like "vs race", "highly salvageable" and "improved sale value" to the PvE-only properties of items.

That way, there could be a weapon upgrade trader, and for PvP all items and mods would have been maxed, and for PvE, there would be variation and rarity, so you may get something slightly better once in a while, and uniques would be really unique, not in skin, but in unique properties impossible to replicate, with things like -20% cost in Fire magic spells in Rago's flame staff, or +10% chance to double strike in Chkkr's Pincers, or +10% movement increase in the Traveler's Bo Staff.
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