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Default Bring Back GvG and guild halls...and my other thoughts

Posted this on the forums and posting here to hear what you guys think
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Played the beta weekend this past week, and while I do think there have been significant improvements in terms of the physics and graphics. I do have a few thoughts on how I think the game can be further improved(from an old gw1 pvper).

1)Bring back GvG and guild halls. Playing the arenas, even in an organised team, just feels so....WoW. Personally I think that guild halls were one of the defining trademarks of gw1(hey its GUILD wars after all). Playing GvG on your home hall just somehow created a much stronger sense of belonging. I also hope that they introduce the "GUild XX" vs "Y's team" starting screen that used to appear in gw1 tombs/gvg battles.

2)Observer mode
One of the best ways to promote organised PvP, be it for the competitive or the casual, and observer mode is great way to learn from the best.

3) henchies and more instance missions
As much as I like the dynamic events, there are times(like 2am in the morning) when I just dont feel like getting involved in a mindless zerg with 10FPS. Other than the personal story, alot of quests still feels grindish. Of course grinding will never completely be isolated from an MMO, but I do wish to see more mini instances that can be done with henchmen.

Other than that, my personal thoughts on pvp(more arenas since I'm more into structured pvp rather than WvW)
-Introduce a capture the flag map: the capture-the-area-and-hold-for-points system is fun but there were literally times my team won just by a couple of us running to the empty areas and capturing them.

-early days still, but so far from what I have seen spiking seems alot more complicated
Its not necessarily a bad thing, but in GW2 alot of the focus seems to be on the individual character and what he does rather than what the team does. Back in GW1 core days(didnt play the expos), almost all the discussion was about 8v8 team builds not what my ele or warrior or guardian shd spec etc. I miss the days of insta kill ranger spike and 1/4sec infuse health lifesavers(i wish there was a dedicated healer too, oh well), split teams, etc etc.
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Old Apr 30, 2012, 09:30 PM // 21:30   #2
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Why bring back GvG? There is always Guild Wars 1 GvG, it didn't ran away.
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Old Apr 30, 2012, 10:19 PM // 22:19   #3
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#1 wrong forum
#2 "GW2 is a PvE game 1st and a PvP game 3rd"
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Guild wars 2 (or rather Aion wars 2) isn't guild wars. While I agree that guild wars 2 has a strong emphasis on PvE, I also know that every other MMO has the same thing. what set guild wars 1 apart (other than private instances of the world and the terribad economy) was the PvP and the team based strategy that came with it. The guild wars 2 arena pvp was not impressive to me. It reminded me more of CoD FPS style get-thrown-in-a-group-and-do-your-own-thing kinda play, resulting in little to no team based strategy.

And the idea of guild halls was great. Even if they aren't going to do GvG (which they should) I know plenty of PvE guilds that utilized their halls for events and meeting/group forming places.

GW2 is a great game but it isn't GW and that makes me sad. I'll still play GW2 only because GW1 will eventually die and I don't like d3 style games.
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This forum is for GW1. GW2 discussion/suggestions/questions/etc belong on GW2Guru.

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