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Old Feb 22, 2012, 05:12 PM // 17:12   #61
Ascalonian Squire
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plz get serious they aren't all players so hardcore like u to extend the hom for more rewards,
if u are so perfectionist and want to posing ur hom there is another extended hom site thats shows all possible points that u can get 100 points, u can search at google with what i said cause i don't know if it against policy of the forum to link other sites anyway
i think its more for posing and not that 50 points kills it also i think u lose the idea why they added hom anyway


edit: i saw ur edit ye that site u can link that for any reason u dont like the 50, rewards is all ready enough

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Old Feb 22, 2012, 05:15 PM // 17:15   #62
Desert Nomad
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For me 50\50 HoM didnt kill anything at all. It was a fcking relief to be done with my ritualist and finally be able to play other professions lol..
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Old Feb 22, 2012, 05:51 PM // 17:51   #63
Ooo, pretty flower
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No changes to the means of getting titles for the HoM - As someone who has gotten 50/50, it was an accomplishment. I rarely played before getting 50/50 and play a bit more frequently now, but still not much.

The reason why I don't play GW often is because there's nothing new for me to do - and grinding is not new. Instead of reshaping the HoM - which will piss off most people (whether or not they have 50/50) - I'd rather they expand the live team and put the resources that would have gone into reshaping the HoM into making new content.

Explorable areas, storylines, one-time quests, more zaishen bounties. Any of that, I'll take over "hey, you know how you had to mindless grind just a bit before? well now you have to mindlessly grind a lot! Mwuahahahaha" being tossed at us because they decided to make maxing out the HoM - something that was originally stated to be intended to be not-hard (at least getting 30 was) - harder to do.

No HoM changes unless it's adding new statues. Yes new content. Double-nay, quadruple yes to new content.

Hell, screw new content - go ahead and rebalance old content, and I'll play it again! It'll give me something to do.
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Old Feb 22, 2012, 06:49 PM // 18:49   #64
Underworld Spelunker
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I would actually love that.

There's plenty of Skale models. Peophecies uses just one, and they are all necromancers.
Trolls? All rangers or warriors.
Spiders? Only rangers.
Dragons? All elementalists. Demons? All imps.
Elementals? Practically only elementalists and warriors.
The only fun enemies in Prophecies are the 'armies' that have several professions in their parties, but you usually fin them in small parties that often repeat enemies, instead bigger and mixed.

Prophecies could use some revamping love.

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Old Feb 22, 2012, 07:12 PM // 19:12   #65
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It's worth noting some of the psychological aspects of HoM, and the option of expanding it.

I'm going to put some arguments aside. Sure, people who got 50/50 would be pissed if the HoM was extended, even optionally, for just a new title or two. Sure, new points could only involve getting certain titles (max Zaishen, or any actual PvP one), getting more of the same (more minis, more minis of a certain kind, more weapons, more armours) or simply grinding for something over and over (more xp, third rank in consumable titles). Introducing anything else would require not only to reshape HoM, but also the game itself, adapting it for further rewards rather than the other way around.

But let's take a look at what makes people, well, play any game. What is the incentive, the motivation, that drives thousands of people to, um, waste their time in front of their screens. I mean, sure - i'm an avid gamer myself, and i don't consider any minute spent playing as wasted, but we all have to realise that gaming takes a lot of time, effort and energy, which could be used up otherwise, very often in more productive ways.
So, in very basic terms (and please note that i'm going to try to be as understandable as possible, so all those psychologists out there - please excuse my simplifications), there are two types of motivation - inner and outer.
The former, as greatly described on the Wikipedia, "refers to motivation that is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself, and exists within the individual rather than relying on any external pressure". In other words, if you're playing simply because you enjoy it, with no certain achievable goal in mind. You might want to get better at it, or learn something from playing, or become the master of the game - but those are not too specific goals, there's no clear point when you are "the master" with nothing new to learn or try out.
The outer motivation is the opposite - you play because you want to achieve something. And it's specific. Like getting full HoM, like maxing out titles, like collecting all armour sets, like beating a specific record or person, like doing something and showing it off hoping to receive praise for it. You get the idea.
The best real life examples involve students at school. Some learn because they only want nice grades, or they want to avoid some punishments for low grades, or they want to establish themselves as the 'alpha student' among the community through their grades, etc. They are externally driven. Some people, however, do not really care about their grades and learn for the sheer enjoyment of learning something new, expanding their views, or mastering (as in: pursuing the mastership rather than achieving it). Those are driven internally.

Studies have shown that if there are some external motivators introduced, the internal motivation of a person drastically plummets. It was also shown that if there are any certain goals or achievements to get, and they are considered the 'final level', like there's nothing after it to get, the will to play the game 'just for fun' plummets after achieving those goals.
That is - if you care about maxing out titles of HoM, even remotely, but you do keep it in mind and think how to get down to it, you will be less motivated to play GW after you are done with your specific goals. During the process, however, your incentive for playing will be considerably higher than it would be 'for fun' only.
But after you achieve all your set goals, you lose any further interest, unless you really love the game. And if those goals are previously set by the designers, it's even more tempting to pursue them - and more destructive for your own incentive to play once you're done.

It's the very same with achievements/trophies for console games. If you are an achiever type of gamer, and most likely most of us are, you pursue the trophies/achievements and after getting 100%, you simply pick another game. Unless you have a group to play with online - but then, again, your motivation to play is external, and may be broken into pieces if your group disbands...

So, all of that said, adding more points into HoM is not only a grind-generator, with no really interesting achievements left to be unlocked, but it's also completely counter-productive.
Doing so would mean ANet shooting their own foot, and critically.
They would annoy and scare off those who are at 50/50 and feel comfortable about it, and don't really feel like getting more. They would create some additional incentive for those who are open to an additional challenge, however grindfest it might be, but then more players would probably leave GW, feeling more satiated after fulfilling more external motivators; simply what's left of their internal incentive to still play, even if only from time to time but consistently, would be ruined after they achieved the new goals.
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Old Feb 22, 2012, 08:51 PM // 20:51   #66
Ascalonian Squire
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drkn m8 u are right with what u said,
ofc i will go mad if they add more points at hom and about maxing the zaishen title all ppl know that most of that players that have it max (i don't say all of them) they didn't farmed with legal way the zkeys, some kind of bot is getting in the middle of that title lets face it and to say the truth its not something that requires crazy skills to do the specific title,
the only prob with hom for me is about pvp titles i think the ppl that have them max or at least rly high ranks they must be able to use that title at gw2 but that again will ruin the pvp at gw2 cause we will see the situation that all ppl know at ha for example "GROUP LFG R10+ PROT" maybe a unique weapon skin for them or something that at least doesn't affect so much other players.
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Old Feb 22, 2012, 09:47 PM // 21:47   #67
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If there weren't skills pack or a way to unlock the menagerie it would be fun to actually have titles of unlocking all skills and having all pets (i don't have either and play for years but working on it).
A quest tracking title would also be fun, as it would make me track all those quests that i never bothered to find.

Increasing the HoM on the other-hand i'm not so sure since i would probably go for it.
ATM i got at least one elite set on every char (including mules and some have 2 or 3) just for the armor statues and multiple sets of weapons that i'll never use and i won't just delete them after all the trouble i had to get them.
So please no more armor/weapons titles...

Tried to go for gamer but i suck at it (as well as in general pvp unless ab/jq) so i guess i'll never have any rank.
Then i thought of maxing zaishen for the lolz (only pvp title i'll ever have) but after finding out of the extended HoM went for minis instead.
Now with the annual series over i'll just hunt any mini that i can afford (no naga/zhed and those of xxxarms ) and hope i'll have storage space available for them.
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Old Mar 11, 2012, 07:12 PM // 19:12   #68
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/not signed

I do agree people tend to leave once they get 50/50.
imo it is to late to change / add titles or HOM.
all they can really do is add new content
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Old Mar 20, 2012, 10:04 PM // 22:04   #69
Jungle Guide
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Oh god, could you imagine how long it would take to max all those pvp titles? Probably another 7 years
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Old Mar 27, 2012, 11:25 AM // 11:25   #70
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Originally Posted by Mordiego View Post
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that a lot of players tend to leave GW for good after they score 50/50 HoM? I know the game is old nad new content hasn't been released in a while but this is something different... I think. 50/50 HoM seemed like a goal for many players and after they got one, they lost the passion to play the game.
Game is not just about me.

I have friends who are still far from 30/30. Other are gone from game, but might return to get few goodies for GW2 so they will need some "welcome back" funds.

So my efforts redirected from getting stuff for myself to getting stuff i can gift to someone. And sice that does not gave upper limit, I can happily continue playing knowing my efforts still have a point.
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Old Apr 23, 2012, 08:27 AM // 08:27   #71
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To the OP: if you are wanting to achieve EVERYTHING in game, go ahead. I agree with drkn though, in the way that once you get everything done, you may not want to play the game afterwards anyhow.

If they added another title to the end of the HoM, I would not be amused. How would all those many people feel that already have 50/50, feeling that they've finished it, left the game, checked HoM calculator one day and realised that Anet have added ANOTHER title to get? I would feel ripped off and annoyed, because I *must* have the highest title possible! Granted, not all would feel like this, but that's how I would, if I even cared about 50/50 (My aim is 40 only. After that, I am completely ignoring the calculator and playing through with the other professions that I haven't tried yet).

Grinding for a purpose is also different to grinding because you feel like it, because you enjoy the grinding itself.

But basically, as I've said, no one is going to stop you for trying to finish everything and anything on your account. That's up to you.

/definitely not signed
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Old Apr 23, 2012, 09:04 AM // 09:04   #72
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Originally Posted by Mordiego View Post
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that a lot of players tend to leave GW for good after they score 50/50 HoM? I know the game is old nad new content hasn't been released in a while but this is something different... I think. 50/50 HoM seemed like a goal for many players and after they got one, they lost the passion to play the game.
I know many players (including myself) that continued playing after 50/50, and few times more people who are still struggling for 50/50 (even for 30/50)...

Many people do leave game after 50/50/gwamm, but many more remain to finish those tasks, and not to mention people who were away for few years, and literally starting from empty HoM now (or in near future)... it would take them some time to fill at least 30/50...

Originally Posted by Mordiego View Post
I don't know if it has been suggested in here but I thought maybe aNet could give another goal to reach by leaving the 50/50 as a max one with the current status, but add only ONE extra GW2 reward title ("Legendary Completionist" or just simply "Completionist" or w/e) for (insert your idea here)...
We already get titles in GW2 for filled HoM, why get them in GW1??

Originally Posted by Mordiego View Post
-Fellowship: Keiran + Miku statues in addition to all others that logic; why not add Initiate Zei Ri too?

Originally Posted by Mordiego View Post
-Honor: 50 statues (40 is now the maximum one gets reward for). 53 total available, commander not possible to aquire. That would leave 2 titles one could miss. It could liven up pvp a bit...
Even if we would be made do PvP for HoM achievements, that would not "free" people from rank discrimination in High-end PvP formats.


EDIT: Games are intended to cause cheer and fun when people play them. If constant grind causes you fun, then do it! Don't force other people to do stuff which you like, and vice versa...

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Old Apr 23, 2012, 06:46 PM // 18:46   #73
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I've been playing for almost 7 years and only must got my 50/50 hom yesterday. I'm now still playing to get gwamm. After that I want 30/50 on my second account too.

I enjoy this game, and the HoM points and titles are basically like steam achievements to me, but I progress with them bit by bit, really slowly.

Its not really grind when you've spread it out over 7 years of playing and enjoyed it. The only stuff I don't like is dungeons and vanquishing, but those are things that once their done, I won't do them again. I enjoy playing RA daily, and my favorite thing in PVE was WiK which I've completed 6 times and got a full set of oppressor weapons from it. If it was repeatable Id still carry on doing it even though I already have a full HoM.

And the idea to extend the HoM is any way is just ridiculous, if you still want more after that, buy another account and start again!

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Old May 10, 2012, 02:13 AM // 02:13   #74
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you can still check items off of hom after 50/50 for the hell of it, when i have nothing better to do i try and get what im still missing even though im 50/50 ...

And anyhow to change how hom works now would likely not be in favor of those who have quit with 50/50 or 30/50
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