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Old May 29, 2012, 11:08 PM // 23:08   #1
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Default HoM, Valor and Resilience

So... I was just sitting there bored watching the trade chat scroll up when I thought about the HoM.

As a Hall of Monuments, which is all about showing off your achievements, which of you have actually shown off your HoM to anyone else? Aside for the odd time when I was showing a friend how dinky the destroyer daggers looked on the monument, I don't think I've ever shown off the HoM to anyone. Why? Because the things shown in there don't feel like achievements, aside for maybe the odd title or two. Not to mention unless you're one of the really rich ones with access to the $$$$ minis, all your monuments will look pretty much the same.

While I doubt any changes will be made to gw1 at this late point in the game, I think it'd be pretty nice if the follow changes were to be made:

Valor: Allow any r9 (or lower) Max gold weapon to be dedicated (customized) to the monument (Though only 1 per skin type obviously). While keeping the current system where only the Destroyer/Oppressor and Tormented weapons count for the HoM points. This way, while it won't change the HoM point system, it'd allow a lot of variety between the HoM between players, and actually show off the weapons that a player feels like is his/her achievements, instead of "those 15 weapons that I bought cheap for the points and salvaged right after because they're ugly". As a bonus this may also take a lot of weapon skins off the market due to customization and possibly create more of a demand/livelier market.

Following the same idea as the Valor monument, allow ANY armor set to be added to the monument, while keeping the system where only the elite ones count towards the HoM points track. This way you get to display the armors you actually like, not just the ones that cost $$$. Possibly even allowing for the option of displaying a mis-match customizable statue with select armor pieces from ones you've unlocked instead of the regular statues.

I really doubt this idea would get implemented.... but if they DID do it I think it'd add a lot more meaning to the game for people who already have 50/50 HoM points, or would rather show off the equipment they like over the few 'elite' equipment allowed in the HoM.
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Old May 30, 2012, 12:38 AM // 00:38   #2
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Those are amazing idea's I would love to dedicate my ebonhand shield or a stygian reaver to the Hom its ashame guildwars is pretty much a finished product, but I would push for this /signed
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Old May 30, 2012, 03:55 AM // 03:55   #3
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Or you know, just carry your armor and weapons around with you to stare at whenever you want. No one else will enjoy looking at the weapons and armor you obtained more than yourself. Vanity need not be stashed in a far-off room with an arguably filthy swimming pool.
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Old May 30, 2012, 07:15 AM // 07:15   #4
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Actually, the purpose of the HoM never was "to show off achievements", nor to have a gallery/store room for your possessions.

Hence, only prestige sets were added to the Resilience monument. HoM is not a coatroom.

Valor monument can only host selected weapon sets, so that weapons are accessible to anyone, and not a matter of luck with drops or trades. If anything, there's a couple sets more which could be introduced (Imperial Weapons, Deldrimor Weapons), but i'd /unsign the addition of any weapon.
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Old May 30, 2012, 09:50 AM // 09:50   #5
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I agree with both Relyk and Gill.

It is your HoM, and no one is going to enjoy looking at what you've achieved more than yourself. Yeah, maybe you might have a curious friend that you take in once, but apart from that, who else is going to see?

The HoM is about vanity after all, why not wear that custom armor set or this headpiece and those gloves with these other pieces everyday? Then people will actually see it.

I, as a member of the guild wars community, do admit to looking up strangers in the HoM calculator every now and then, but I would not want to be dragged into someone else's HoM to be gloated at. Admire your own achievements, after all, wasn't that what the HoM was for? (Note that I'm not adding anything about prestige weapon/armor because I believe Gill has covered it all nicely).
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Old May 31, 2012, 02:04 PM // 14:04   #6
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I really like the idea. Not so that you can show off your favorite weapons/armor to others, but so that the monument reflects your character for YOU. Sure, there's no question that the HoM is there 1) to generate buzz, investment in (and therefore comitment to) GW2. But it also is a monument to GW1 characters; if you ever go into the HoM in GW2, why wouldn't you want it to display the items that truly were your GW favorites?

I don't see how this could be a bad idea. If you really believe the HoM should only display Tormentor/Oppressor/Dstroyer weapons, then just display those you your monument. Your choice. But why would you care if another player displayed something different?
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Old Jun 05, 2012, 05:07 AM // 05:07   #7
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While I agree that the HOM could use an update on the types of weapons it can hold (I'm looking at you Envoy Weapons..) I not only think being able to add any weapon would be pointless as HOM is strictly a vanity thing, but it would make the points for filling these 2 areas overly simple. Not signed.
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