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Old Jun 12, 2012, 03:06 PM // 15:06   #1
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Default PvE-PvP and HoM, would that work?

I've got nice (I think) idea:

If we can, through PvE, unlock items such as runes, weapon mods, skills and even heros just by playing and using indetification kit, and it makes those unlocked things usable in PvP (for our pvp chars), WHY THEN can't make same with weapons and armors?

For example:
We dropped a nice q9 froggy with domination...then we assign that to HoM or just in NPC (to make that item assigned to us) so our pvp characters will be able to get q9 froggy domination too ^^ Same with armors, we assign monumental/obsidian etc. and pvp chars can create obsidian armors.

that would be nice idea just before gw2 release, i think?
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Old Jun 12, 2012, 03:45 PM // 15:45   #2
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Not to mention that don't even need to pvp to obtain pvp rewards now anyway. So much for "pvp rewards".
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Old Jun 12, 2012, 03:47 PM // 15:47   #3
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I get a feeling this has been asked a few times in the past.
I think main reason for runes/mods to be unlocked as well for pvp was to allow players who either only did pvp by their choice ( like rerolling chrs for a diff profession ) or by players who only had the pvp packs.
Tbh this sounds alot like a player trying to show off - no offence intended.
Most players i know tends to use pve chrs in pvp and thus used their armor - most of it they have worked for but to hand pvp chrs elite armors etc does look like bragging rites.
Is it that essential to have a pvp war in fow armor ?
Most players wouldnt care if a player went in naked as long as they got the job done - can any pvp player after an ab match give a description of the players he was against - if you`re standing there looking at a foes armor then obviously you are not paying attention to the match.
Btw it will never happen before gw2 solely as anets shifted staff to gw2 and they dont have the manpower/hrs to add it.

** Damn got beat by premium unleaded - his reasons are 10x better than mine - i dont pvp so i forgot about the pvp rewards lol
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