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Old Jul 06, 2012, 12:40 AM // 00:40   #1
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I wish there is a title like that when you have captured all the pets and leveled them all up to the highest tier. But it would probably be too easy to attain especially if you bought the pet unlock pack.

Anyway if you have ran out of things to do in this game, you can probably do that. I captured all the possible pets in the game manually and leveled them all to the highest tier just so that all my characters can pick and choose any pets they like.

Do you think that we should have a title for pets?
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Old Jul 06, 2012, 02:38 AM // 02:38   #2
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This is a title that has been suggested over and over again. I think the general consensus has been that it's a bad idea simply because its not really very difficult to do, what with death leveling pets in the menagerie and all. There are only a very small number of pets that are more difficult to get (Moss Spider, black widow, Panda, Rainbow Phoenix, Black Moa) and of these, those that are obtained as rare drops can still be purchased with z-coins. If you also consider that such a title would make GWAMM easier, you'll find another reason that most reject this idea.
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Old Jul 06, 2012, 09:58 AM // 09:58   #3
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Originally Posted by Captain Bulldozer View Post
This is a title that has been suggested over and over again.

Also, you can buy a pet unlock pack, so that would render the title pointless.
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Old Jul 06, 2012, 11:14 AM // 11:14   #4
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Personally, I think it'd be a nice idea.
Originally Posted by Andemius View Post
Also, you can buy a pet unlock pack, so that would render the title pointless.
By that logic the skill hunter title tracks are also pointless, since you can buy skill unlock packs in the cash shop, and then just spam Elite Skill Tomes to learn them all to acquire the title without actually doing any work on that character.

Elite Skill Tomes can be bought for Z-Coins in the same way you can buy the rarer (non-pet pack pets) for Z-Coins; Though these pets are actually significantly more expensive to get via Z-Coins (and if you want to unlock them with Balthazar faction, it actually requires you to rank up several PvP titles too, so that's not exactly an easy feat either) than Elite Skill Tomes are.

Granted there's alot of elite skills, but remember you only need to learn a third of them to get one maxed title track (infact if you go for the Prophecies Elite Skill Hunter it's less than a third). It's just learning all of them will grant you three title tracks and a bonus title track.

Certainly, gathering all pets from all campaigns and training them all up to max level is at least as difficult as getting just one of the skill hunter title tracks (probably more difficult); regardless of how you can speed things up using the Zaishen Menagerie in most cases.

And there certainly is some pets that are a little more challenging to get; and that in one case even require you have maxed at least 5 other titles to get. Several currently existing title track titles require less than that.

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Old Jul 06, 2012, 12:58 PM // 12:58   #5
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Bit of an old idea.

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