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Default Minigames for Event

So I find the event while a nice idea, but a bit boring, I think it should additionally also mini-games (especially Dragon Arena) may be present, so it is something for people who are not so great desire to PvE. I know a lot of players who would be happy about it and it would be quite a good opportunity to max this title to gamers, or to get higher, if not the last.
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Though I agree with you that for a festival it is a bit small, I also see that it is prolly a madhouse at anet HQ at the moment. So I forgive them but I do hope they are going to give a lil bit more attention to the elder child when the newly born is finally there
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are we there yet?
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Yes, I believe that we are quite lucky to have gotten what they did since the 'due date' is fast approaching --and yeah, they probably are working double shifts just to get it ready enough for that

very happy with what they did do and with the changes that they made already (allowing other characters to do the quest for the xp and gold..).

I am enjoying my new crayons and coloring book and hoping the 'parents' come thru ok!
where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?
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