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Default Faction Bounty Balance

Quote from official wiki:

“If a guild leader is inactive for 60 days (2 months) from the last login, as shown in Guild window, they will automatically be demoted to officer, and the most senior officer who was active in the past 60 days will be instantly promoted to leader. If there is no active officer in the guild, the most senior member who was active in the past 60 days will be promoted instead.”

This is to protect a guild from being “leaderless” from the extended absence of the guild leader. I am using this rule/guideline as an example for my suggestion, which follows:

For the past few days, I have been taking a “final” character through all the campaigns. I am currently working my way through Factions. There is a point where you have to earn 10k factions for each Alliance, Luxon & Kurzixk, to advance in the storyline. The Luxon side was pretty straight forward, doing three quests with the multiple Luxon bounties that were available. The Kurzick side was a bit more time consuming, as many Kurzick outposts, thus their bounties at their assigned shrines, are controlled by Luxon guilds.

Herein is my suggestion;
After 60 to 90 days of inactivity, the guild controlling an outpost loses their control of said outpost. The outpost would revert to the original controlling faction. This would restore the balance of Luxon vs Kurzick faction bounties. With the current state of PvP, there is very little chance of any other way to wrest control of these outposts from the current, inactive, guilds.

Apparently, there is a way to monitor a person's activity, to automatically demote a leader. This same method, should be able to monitor the use of an outpost by the controlling guild.
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Old Dec 04, 2012, 08:37 PM // 20:37   #2
are we there yet?
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I think it would be nice if they just put it back to the middle---since the last time it changed was over a month ago.

though my luxon guild likes it the way it is since they can do the kurzick stuff and get luxon points, my kurzick guild isnt quite as happy.

something should be done since most of the guilds that hold the towns are inactive or very inactive (I think one town has only 500K faction holding it---not very active).

perhaps instead of demotion--a higher decline in faction points for everyday they hold a town and no one donates. (getting even higher if a week or month passes) so that other guilds could move up (ones that ARE active)?
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Old Dec 05, 2012, 06:15 PM // 18:15   #3
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I wholly agree with both ideas, either count inactivity or just put the line back in the middle...I'm not even sure, does people still do AB at all?
Having a set border for so long time, without any real activity, only makes gaining points (or even just using npcs) more annoying, and gives credit to guilds that maybe aren't even there anymore, apart from the name.
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Old Dec 05, 2012, 06:35 PM // 18:35   #4
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Anet should have got rid of the fort AB maps ages ago. Saltspray Beach should be the most played map.

/signed, put the line back in the middle.

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Old Dec 07, 2012, 11:48 PM // 23:48   #5
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i agree something should be done, but i don't think penalizing alliances that currently hold outposts is right either. as previously stated the state of pvp as a whole is responsible for this. it's not that the alliances currently holding outposts are inactive. i feel it's more of the smaller remaining active alliances that are holding these outposts. and this combined with the state of pvp is the result of alliances with 500k faction holding an outpost.
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