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Old Dec 24, 2012, 11:14 PM // 23:14   #1
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Default minipet to birthday cupcake npc

ok, this is about unwanted mini's, you can exchange it for a bday cupcake, in case you have a mini you'll never sell, or simply dont like "spamming" in spamadan..... i mean kamadan (or great temple of balthazar)

it IS a "birtday" cupcake, so getting 1 or maybe 5... based on minipet colors, per mini would do good to those who rather have cupcakes instead of mini's they cant or dont wanna sell

1 character gets 1 minipet per bday, so 1 cupcake would do, but maybe (if this'll ever happen) anet likes to give more to their community with this

anyway, its NOT to get enough sugar, its to make up for mini's people may not like and DO like cupcakes... or people who rather not trade with others for any kind of reason

i mean, its a fair trade, right? you lose a mini you dont like, and get cupcake (or a few) back for it

i think they just gotta add a text like "Once you have traded your miniature, you cannot get it back!" so that people can think twice, and maybe make it cantha-ish... 3 times "Accept" before getting into a mission, but in this case before you can exchange it
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Old Dec 27, 2012, 10:41 PM // 22:41   #2
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I would not like to see an exclusive trade for any consumables specifically. However, it seems reasonable to have a way to drop the minis you have lots and lots of.

Something like the mystic forge in GW2 would be my suggestion.
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Old Dec 28, 2012, 01:25 AM // 01:25   #3
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Yeah .. a mystic forge in GW1 would be nice to see.
Combine 4 items on a certain type and get 1 item of same type back. Most of the time you'd get crap but with a chance you might get something much better.

4 white minis *could* give you a purple.. 4 gold minis a green.. but might as well end up being a purple if unlucky.

Generally I think it's good to rid game of excessive amounts of weapons and mini's, and the ones remaining would slowly rise in value.
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Old Jan 01, 2013, 02:03 PM // 14:03   #4
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lil late, but that sounds awesome
the birthday cupcake wont be "to get another cons." but "its a birthday item, so could replace a mini, which are mostly from birthdays, too"

i doubt they can/will do that (if even possible in GW's system), but if they will, then i surely will trader 3-4 minis i dont like, for a new one, which i may like, or be able to sell for nice money.... not that that would be a reason to do this, heck, they can make it untradeable, but only through players, not the npc, cuz if i'd get a stupid temple guardian again, i'd like to trade that again, with a few others i still have left, to MAYBE get a better/nice one

maybe not get a new mini, but a new kind of present, which can have any minipet, from birthdays (would be unfair to get a panda while just getting rid of a few temple guardians/wintersday elves, which i both hate, tbh ) OR a birthday cupcake
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Old Jan 01, 2013, 06:54 PM // 18:54   #5
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good idea, fairest thing would be if its possible for any minipet to drop.
Except the 3frogs sincce they were ment for gaile grey only...
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