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Default Improve PvP/LFG match finding/queueing system

Many PvP formats are dead/dying despite many people actually wanting to play them because GW1 doesn't have a good "match making"/grouping/queuing system, and these formats require a minimum number of participants greater than one. There could be dozens of people wanting to play a particular format but few want to stand around for hours in the hope that eventually 15 or 23 others would do the same thing. We want to PLAY the game, not stand around for ages.

The solution could be a global party search sort of thing - that's usable and persistent even when you not in town etc. To reduce spamming you only allow preset messages/items (missions, outposts, PvP) and limit the amount of stuff you can queue for (3?), and you group the items - so if there are 7 players queuing for "Fort Aspenwood (Luxon)" you'd just see one entry with the player count of 7 there, and the queuing players only get a popup when the required team sizes are met (both Kurz and Luxon). Options: would be nice if it gave you a list of the queuing player names if you clicked on the player count. Even better if you could select a toon for a particular queue, and play with a different toon but this would likely be too hard to implement!

The problem with stuff like HA and GvG is many players want a "perfect" team build. So how do you get the players together and then how do you do something fun while queuing the "perfect" team for the actual match? The first problem can probably be kind of solved with the better queue system but I don't see an easy to implement solution to the second problem. The workaround for players is to buy and use another GW1 account (implementing a purchasable sign-in as multiple toons option might be too hard at this point - so many problems e.g. where do the PM'ed messages go etc ).

For FA, AB, and JQ maybe dropping the minimum player requirement down to two (one per side) could help. If one side only has X players (where X is lower than the max) the other side will only have X players too - gives an incentive to talk to the suspicious/shady kurzick/luxon . Maybe have two buttons "enter full battle" (normal), "enter quick battle" (where smaller than full teams are allowed). Yes the 1v1 matches would be silly esp for FA, but less boring than standing around. And if enough silly 1 v 1 people turn up, you end up with more than 1 v 1.

p.s. could have the queuing be for PvE missions as well. Then you'd have a tree style sort of thing - PvP, PvE being top categories then for PvE - Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, EoTN. when the tree or branch is collapsed you'll see the total number of queueing players in that collapsed branch.
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I wish I could be able to see what people are looking to do (Urgoz, mission, ZB, dungeon, etc.) regardless of which outpost I'm in. A lot of players including myself don't pay much attention to the drop down menu in party search that has mission and "hunting." There isn't enough activity for many of them to be divided and "quest" is very vague, as in not as useful as a particular primary quest or dungeon.

It would be nice to look for multiple things.

Improvements to these areas of the game would have been useful even way back when, too.

And seriously wtf is hunting. I know it sounds like farming, but it sounds more like a new player that adds people they see in some random outposts and adds you asking "let's go kill stuff."

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Would sure be nice. I'd love to do anything PvP wise, but find myself mostly confined to RA and scrimmages. I just don't have the network/experience to get into GvG and HA/FA/AB are hopeless at this stage.

I don't think Arenanet ( and sadly many players ) have any clue about how fun the PvP in this game is/was/can be.

/signed anyways
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