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Old Jan 14, 2008, 02:09 PM // 14:09   #321
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/signed SASv3 for GW and GW2

One of the main things I enjoy about most RPG's is the character creation\customization. I'd really like to mix different armor components to see what they look like, but that is a very expensive venture and is just a waste if I don't like it. Also I don't have EotN, so I've destroyed more than one piece of armor trying to save a rune before adding a new one. Plus it would save space and money if you want to run very different builds. Implementing this idea would make it so much easier to try different things.

The only variable I didn't see addressed was color. The simplest thing would be to make the current dye color the same across all skins in that particular armor slot.

As for implementation:

Maybe make it a prestige thing, like changing your profession after Ascending. You go through a quest, and at the end you're blessed with the "Essence Armor" (we'll use that as the working title). It would start with whatever skin, AL (with all options up to your current AL), insignia, and runes you had equipped at the time (having absorbed them on the spot). Maybe make all armor in the actual inventory screen renamed to Essence Armor (or whatever, with the headgear taking on the hero armor system of "item attribute +1") and add a "Armor" button. The button would open up a window where you can change all the skins\attributes in drop-down menus as described in the first post. It could have the four portrait icons just like the inventory and skills menus. The skin names would still be the same as the armor they represent. I suppose the armor name in the mouse-over window could still represent the current insignia\rune chosen (e.g. "Radiant Essence Armor of Attunement"), or it could just have the attributes listed (and just be called "Essence Armor"). Probably the latter, the former is just redundant.

This way the current system for acquiring armor shouldn't need to be changed. so people who haven't gotten "Essence Armor" won't be effected by the change at all. You just drop the new armor piece into the armor slot and it's absorbed. Same with insignia and runes. You'd have to save old armor pieces (or craft them again) if you want their skins.

I may have misunderstood the hero armor suggestion. I DO agree the insignia\rune system should work on them. Where I may be getting mixed up is if we can change the armor skin as well. I do NOT agree with that part. It just seems unnecessary. Just grey out that drop-down menu in the armor window.

^----Everything I wrote before reading the thread----^

Now that I've read the thread I'll address some of the cons stated.

Less gold sinks:
I think it would create more. I'm a conservative person in RPG's, so as of now I'm not buying many armor sets or runes since I'll just lose them or have to take up (my already full) storage. If this system is used, I'll by anything I can get my hands on.

*looks at Guild Wiki*
I count 31 sets of armor per character. That's 31 sets of armor to sink your gold into, 13 of those prestige class.

*looks at a rune trader in-game*
I count 183 insignia\runes total. Now assuming this system is used for heroes too, you'll need all of them since the heroes span all professions. Not including duplicate insignia\runes for redundant heroes, you'll need 915 insignia\runes to cover all fives pieces of armor. Even just covering yourself you'd need ~155 (~15 depending on class +16 core *5) individual insignia\runes.

Player rune market killed:
Given the numbers above I think it would take considerable effort, time, and money before you stop needing insignia\runes. Even if you do achieve this state, there'll always be new players to sell your surplus to. Who knows, maybe they can create a new title track to help drive people to acquire all of them.

I can't really remember any other important ones. I can't really say what impact this would have on PvP, since I haven't gotten into that aspect of the game yet. Let me stress again that all this would be on a PER character basis. I couldn't find out if EotN adds character slots, if not then you'd have to do all this 10 times (if you have all 3 campaigns and no PvP only characters) before you truly didn't need to spend any more money on armor. Good luck to anyones trying to achieve this.

Oh yes, no need for Perfect Salvage Kits? You'll need those for weapons.

I just remembered that post against AL changing. I think your right about the possibility of it being used to exploit game mechanics, and not wanting to be god in a low level area is a flimsy excuse. Maybe just set the AL to the highest you've crafted.

Also I found this in the Index of Ideas, so I don't know how much I'm resurrecting this topic.
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Old Jan 14, 2008, 03:39 PM // 15:39   #322
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Even if people complain about this gold sink becoming less and less a goldsink until no one needs to buy anything, it can be changes with things like:
- Pieces have to be dyed again, or the dye is shared for all pieces. So peoople has to buy new dyes when thy change armor.
- Runes have to be either salvaged, purchased an reapplied anytime.
- A fee has to be paid anytime you get new pieces of already purchased armor (something like 10% of the gold price of each piece)

Then the huge but decreasing goldsink is turned into an eternal goldsink.

Even making crafters give you new pieces for 10% of the price once you purchase their pieces would be enough.
If you add a title for getting all armor pieces unlocked in all crafters, you'll make peeople spend tons of gold unlocking all of them.
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Old Jan 14, 2008, 03:47 PM // 15:47   #323
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Originally Posted by MithranArkanere
Even making crafters give you new pieces for 10% of the price once you purchase their pieces would be enough.
Rather like the festival hats NPC, but on a bigger scale?


Now that I think on it, this would be a much smaller but still excellent step for collecting all the armor sets. Get a new piece, show it to the NPC, he makes a new one for you anytime for a fraction of the original cost (hell even making it for just the original gold cost without materials would be great). The new piece would be created clean and undyed, so the dye and insignia markets would be completely untouched.

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Old Jan 14, 2008, 10:54 PM // 22:54   #324
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If i am reading this correctly we wont have to purchase 30 sets of armor for different farming builds.
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Old Jan 14, 2008, 11:41 PM // 23:41   #325
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As the first few pages, aside from the OP are people simply agreeing, I don't see a point in reading more of the same, so I apologize if this was already suggested.

Just after reading the OP a possibility for how to implement this came to mind. Make the interface for armor changing similar to the PvP equipment window, but instead of having it list a base set of armor art and your account's unlocked mods, have it list what armor art for that slot has been worn on that character (maybe even flag armor art that has been added to the HoM as "worn"), along with mods that have been worn on that character. Also, armor that is flagged as worn (for when it is initially implemented), as well as any that is created through this system, is also flagged as unable to be salvaged for anything, like PvP equipment.

Regardless if there is a fee involved with switching armor sets, as suggested by recent posts, it would give some people like myself a reason to spend some money (gold sink, anyone?) on armor that, while it looks nice, It's not good enough to warrant allocating more inventory space for.

/Signed regardless of how it is implemented.
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Old Jan 15, 2008, 12:03 AM // 00:03   #326
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It sounds like a good idea, it's an easier way to cheapen armor, although insignia prices will bounce up a little. Although it will eliminate a gold sink of people buying armor sets, that's a small part of the community, and more people will start buying insignias.

There's pros and cons, but imo, pros outweigh the cons

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Old Feb 04, 2008, 08:03 AM // 08:03   #327
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If it means more inventory/stash space instead of keeping closets and closets full of armor, I'm for it. Only read the OP. Has anyone made the Metroid/Megaman joke yet? :-p
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Old Feb 04, 2008, 10:12 AM // 10:12   #328
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Excellent idea
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Old Feb 04, 2008, 02:17 PM // 14:17   #329
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I admired you XD

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Old Feb 04, 2008, 02:56 PM // 14:56   #330
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I have no room for armor... T-T

I want to make some, but I would have to discard the old ones... not even mules would do... T-T

Something in the lines of this suggestion is needed.
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Old Nov 19, 2008, 05:33 PM // 17:33   #331
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/signed for all versions (v2 is preferred for me), but I had to justify the AL changer for v3.0.

I initially thought that the only use for the AL slider would be for 2 things: Not feeling like a god in a low-level area; and farming/build gimmicks.

While I don't like the use of it for farming gimmicks, I know that people who wanted to use a gimmick would just keep a low-armor character. So, having it or not having it wouldn't stop the farmers, so it might as well be there.

As for build gimmicks... hmm... nah, I can only think of builds used for farming that need low-level armor, so that doesn't apply.

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Old Dec 24, 2008, 10:59 AM // 10:59   #332
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Thumbs up

/signed with my blood

Great idea! Now only time can tell if this gonna happen, young grasshopper.
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Old Sep 02, 2013, 07:27 AM // 07:27   #333
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is this part of the forum still active?

after so many years, in guild wars 2, it is finally happening, our equipment is able to change stats when not in combat!
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Old Sep 02, 2013, 08:13 AM // 08:13   #334
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This forum is active but slower due to lack of changing things up from the forum's staff and the smaller Guild Wars community.

Nice thread bump.
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