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i quote
also, in GW you cant do much about graphics, like lowering it, i have seen (not for my own laptop and pc) that lowering it doesnt help that much, if its a bit old (proph kind of level) you still lag, or even (like someone i know) get stuck with your char in eotn*
and the graphics were on its lowest, yet still lag.... that computer was newer than factions as far as i know
in other words, lowering the graphics doesnt do much to many weaker computers
and if they would want to, they'd have to make the minimum quality weaker than eotn, or just as "weak" as eotn, so that people who cant play even newer graphics, can actually play the newer expansion(s)

its not that easy, GW's current option of lowering graphics doesnt do much, and then if the graphics of a new expansion would be even higher, it'd make people crash and unable to play there.... and might get stuck with their chars

weird that you didnt read what i typed.... i clearly said that the option of LOWERING THE GRAPHICS doesnt work well with eotn, so an even higher graphics containing expansion would make it worse

what part do you not understand? so i can try to explain (no joke, i'll try my best)

also please, dont go dramatic over it, i'm just making my points, while you ignore them and probably dont care about people with less expensive (or even cheap) computers, thats at least what i think about atm, no offense (bolded to avoid being seen as offensive)
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Improving graphics doesn't make a game harder to run on older computers for the most part. Much of it is how much work it put into making it scale down for it to work on older computers.
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