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Lightbulb birthday present voucher new choices

Yes, even I the hoarder of all have had enough of birthday minipets. Can't seem to put the little fellows into the trash and there just isn't much interest in them after 11 years.

The birthday present voucher was a good idea, however, with multiple characters all having annual birthdays (and having all the birthday minis and tonics on multiple accounts); it would be a nice idea to let us have a different present.

So. I propose: the birthday gift bag, like the other grab bags it would have in it items that would be more appropriate to 7+ year old I would suggest items in it to include: superior salvage kits and superior id kits, lockpicks (say 4-5), a gold zaishen coin, a con (grail of might, armor of salvation, essence of celerity--but NOT stars of transference! by age 7 most characters have more than enough skill points!), rez scrolls (but NOT ex scrolls--see previous point).

What are your thoughts?
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Old Feb 02, 2016, 12:10 AM // 00:10   #2
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It would be a good way to redistribute items that are becoming less accessible due to a dwindling userbase too. That's largely been taken care of but throwing in those sorts of items here wouldn't hurt. The drop chance for each item can always be set to ensure balance.
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Old Feb 02, 2016, 11:19 PM // 23:19   #3
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good idea, and i dont think drop rate should be different from each other, i mean, you wouldnt get many anyway
its not like you can abuse by making more chars :P ... yeah, buying more accounts, but that gives them (anet) money, and i still dont see a problem
also, do you really think prices will drop if this would come true? some use them all the time (cons), and cant afford to wait for their characters getting their birthday just to use them, so will buy the materials to make em from the npc's anyway

also, why not add a few (3?) blessings of war as drop?
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