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Default Multiple Guild Wars folder problems

First off, would like to say I have been using both Texmod aswell as Multi-acounting Guild Wars for a long time. Up till now, I never had any problems, and I already tried several things in order to fix the issue.

So the problem I'm having is that Texmod stopped working for Guild Wars. That's the basic issue I have, but when I started to investigate, I found that there is more weird stuff going on. I've lost all my in-game templates (Skills and Attributes and Equipment) aswell...

You should know that I currently have 2 folders with Guild Wars installed. (To multi acount) They're both in Program Files, with my original Guild Wars called "Guild Wars", and the copy "Guild Wars 2". Whenever I'm not playing multi-acount (most of the time), I simply played with the client from the "Guild Wars" folder. (C:/Program Files/Guild Wars) And thus, all my templates and screenshots have always been saved in that folder, under their respective subfolder that is.

And then, a few days ago, I started up Guild Wars through Texmod from the "Guild Wars" folder (the original one), only to find that the carthographer mod didn't work. (Guild Wars started up normal tough, I just dind't have the mod applied) Also all my templates were gone, and when I actually looked at the path he tried to look for them, it said: "C:/Program Files/Guild Wars 2". So obviously, I assumed I selected the wrong Guild Wars folder when starting up with Texmod. This, however, still wouldn't explain why Texmod dind't apply the mod... (It always worked before)

I retried, made sure I selected the Gw.exe from the "Guild Wars" folder and I kept getting the same results, no mod applied, nor any templates available. (Kept giving the path "Guild Wars 2")

I even tried to run the client directly from the folder, thus without texmod, and despite working fine, it still tried to look for the templates in the "Guild Wars 2" folder (wtf?!).

Eventually, I started up Texmod, and selected the Gw.exe from the "Guild Wars 2"-folder, with the hope it would then select the templates from the "Guild Wars"-folder, but alas it STILL tried to look for templates in the "Guild Wars 2"-folder. However, what I did find was that Texmod DID apply it's mod. (I had the typical carthographer mod map)

I simply have no clue why my pc went batshit on me, because I didn't install, update or rename anything in the past month. Obviously I'm ticked off, because my pc just decided to fcuk up out of the blue. (Why the hell does it keep looking for the templates in the copied Guild Wars folder, and why the hell now, and not like a year ago, when I installed the whole multi-guild wars thing)

I hope somebody can help me, because while not a severe problem, it's frustrating as hell that I have to play from "Guild Wars 2" folder now solely to get the mods from Texmod to apply.
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never used textmod but ive used a multi gw program before.
Its possible the multi program is setting the registry entry for gw for gw 2 folder - id suggest re-reading the muti instructions incase you ran both copies of gw in wrong order.
I hope this makes sense as often i know what i mean but it doesnt come out right
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There was an update in August of 2009 that seems to cause a conflict with multiple clients installed on one machine. It can cause the primary install to launch from your copied directory, and it also messes up TexMod unless you launch from the copied directory. This may be your issue.

If you have Guild Wars Multi Launch, try using the clear mutex option, or create and use separate shortcuts for each client to restore normal behavior. I am not sure if this is the issue you are experiencing or what exactly the nature of this issue is, but GWML resolves it. It could very well be a registry conflict as suggested.

See here. Scroll to post #145 and further.
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