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Default Technician's Corner Newsletter, First Issue [September 2010]

Hey everyone. For those of you who don't know me, I'm the head moderator of Technician's Corner here at Guild Wars Guru. Here is your first Technician's Corner Newsletter! This is a concept I tried a while ago in a slightly different form here on Guru, and that I am starting off this month over at I will be copying the Guild Wars 2 Guru version over to Guild Wars 1 Guru until GW2 goes into beta, at which time it will become a GW2G exclusive.

Every month, I will be updating you guys on new technology, products, a highlighted product of the month. You can check out the full version at Guild Wars 2 Guru's Technical Support Forum, which includes updates to a project I call "The Tech Library". If you are a member Guru2 already, or are thinking about becoming one, I'd also really appreciate it if you voted in my last Tech Library Poll before I launch the pre-alpha version of The Tech Library!

Time for an upcoming product update! First up is on the Intel front; Intel's new Sandy Bridge architecture is due sooner than you think! If you were thinking about building a new system or updating an existing computer with a new motherboard and CPU (maybe RAM as well), this might be worth taking a peek at! Here is a chart of models Intel will be releasing, with some info on them.

Here is a PERFORMANCE PREVIEW: (this is a preview, so final performance will be higher)

Sandy Bridge Preview: Benchmarks and Thoughts from

Next up is nVidia's new Mobile GPU lineup for notebooks. nVidia's new Fermi Mobile lineup is impressive, and should come at a time when notebook graphic upgrades are big on people's minds, considering the upcoming Guild Wars 2's requirements to turn on all the pretty!

Here's a chart of the new models and features:

You can read the full article one the release here:

nVidia 400 Series Mobile Launch coming soon!


Here is your highlighted product of the month!

This month, for US citizens, it's the nVidia GTX470.

The GTX 470 has undergone some hush hush price drops, and can now be had for 299 or under! At that price, it's a great buy considering the performance edge it offers over the HD5850. This particular MSI model also gives you a free copy of Resident Evil 5 for PC AND a free copy of Mafia 2 for PC AND a free copy of Just Cause 2! It's $299.99 and has a $20 mail-in-rebate (MiR), bringing the price down to a mere $279.99. Given the performance of the 470 and the final price + 3 (THREE!) free games, this is why September's product highlight goes to the MSi GTX 470 from

Be aware however, that the GTX 470 is based on GF100, and does run warmer than many other cards. It also consumes a fairly hefty amount of power, so a decent power supply is a must! If you have questions about it, feel free to post them below!

Here's a link for US citizens!

I didn't forget our Euro posters however!

Here are some great product deals this month for several Euro countries:

Samsung 1TB F3 drive! One of the best physical HDDs on the market today. Under 50 quid this month!

On a budget for a midrange PC but need a case and power supply? Look no further. Your buddies at Antec made this great package; their famous Earthwatts 500W PSU coupled with their beautiful Sonata III piano black case! Both for only £79.56!
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Very nice - now I'm going to need to forget a lot of stuff in order to make room for all the new stuff.
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Originally Posted by Snograt View Post
Very nice - now I'm going to need to forget a lot of stuff in order to make room for all the new stuff.
I second that^^
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