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Old Sep 15, 2010, 05:39 PM // 17:39   #1
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Default Need help from a dev! Made a terrible misstake!

Hello, this is what happend.

I played guild wars on a trial account a few weeks ago. Now I bought the game and thought I could activate my key on that account. The thing is, while the game was installing I found the game timecard activation key in the box. I went to the NCsoft's website, logged into my trial account and thought I could upgrade it. BAD, BAD mistake! I should've entered the login screen instead and create a new account for europe, but i didnt... Now I need help! I cant log into the game with my trial account, it turned out to be a @ncsoft account... and I noticed that the ncsoft account names are for korea! But I need a account for Europe! Can I somehow change it? When I try to create a new account from the login screen it says my key is already in use...

Man, what a terrible misstake, I feel so dumb and stupid (yes I know I am...)

But, can someone tell me how to fix this? I'm not getting any answers from the support...

I hope I dont have to buy another copy of the game...

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Unfortunately, the people on this forum won't be able to assist you with account issues. Your best bet would be to contact Gaile Gray and/or contact Guild Wars Support.

For account issues, it may take up to a week for a response, possibly longer (from what I know, they don't work on weekends).

As long as you work hand-in-hand with support, you should be able to get this sorted out. Just in-case, have your character name(s) and CD-keys handy, in case they request them.

Also, check the Support FAQs/Contacting Support for further information that will help them help you.
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Not exactly sure what you did - but it doesn't matter where you create your account - you can change your server ingame with 2 clicks at any time. So just because you created an account in Korea doesn't mean that you can't play on European servers, or American, or anything else you want.
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This doesn't require Gaile's help. Just send an email to [email protected] and put NEW ACCOUNT PROBLEM in the subject line. Give them the account IDs, the access key code and any character names you can remember. Politely explain the problem. They will fix it.
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^ Follow the above instructions. I'm really sorry, but we can do absolutely nothing for you here.

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