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Old Sep 02, 2010, 03:51 PM // 15:51   #1
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Default Guild Wars Wont Start

I Dont know if this is the right place to ask... Please mods change it if i am wrong

So Today I tried going on to guild Wars and I was Unable To and i got this Message
I Had the Guild Wars Loading Page But it Had This

"Already Running"
Guild Wars is Unable to start because another copy is already running on this computer. or because the application has insufficient rights to successfully detect whether another copy is already running on this computer"

I know there isnt another copy running... so it has to be the 2nd one...Can anyone help?
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Old Sep 02, 2010, 03:56 PM // 15:56   #2
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Were you able to play it earlier? CTRL ALT DELETE and go into your task manager and see if Guild Wars Game Client is running under processes. It probably won't be there under applications though.

If it's not there, try restarting.

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Old Sep 02, 2010, 04:22 PM // 16:22   #3
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..or press, all together, Ctrl + Alt + Esc to enter the process manager.
Find gw.exe, click it, hit "end process".
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Old Sep 02, 2010, 05:07 PM // 17:07   #4
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What operating system are you running? If it's Windows 7 or Vista make sure to set "GW.exe" to "Run As Administrator" otherwise it won't have permission to do anything.
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Old Sep 02, 2010, 08:13 PM // 20:13   #5
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Four Microsoft executives were carpooling to Vegas when they got a flat tire. They discussed possible solutions to their problem, then decided to pull over, shut their windows, shutdown the engine, and start it back up again to see if that corrected the problem.

(Even if you know nothing else, you do know you can restart your computer and see if Windows still thinks gw is running)
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Old Sep 03, 2010, 01:15 PM // 13:15   #6
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Right-click on your GW icon and select "Run as Administrator".
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Old Sep 17, 2010, 12:14 AM // 00:14   #7
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just wanted to add my 2 cents... this same exact thing happened to me, i had to reinstall to fix.
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