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Old Oct 24, 2010, 06:17 PM // 18:17   #1
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Thumbs down Stuck in place after login

i login on my characters(with the exception of a couple of them)
and the game loads fine but after i appear in for example the great temple of balthazar , i am unable to move/message/zone out etc, i have basicly lost connection/lagged out

however i am not having ANY issues with my internet / other games etc
this suddenly happened earlier today after i logged out from doing DoA, at the time i heard there was server issues, however my relative who lives in the same house is not having this issue on his account, however when we try from his computer my account still does the same!!


also mine does not give an error code whereas on my relatives it gave error code 7

new add;

just done some testing, i show as online to people on other account
if i send a whisper to them , my screen(on either computers) will not show my sent messages as if i had not been able to send it, however to the person i sent it to it shows up and they can send one back and i will recieve it on my screen....
it makes NO SENSE.


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Old Oct 24, 2010, 07:03 PM // 19:03   #2
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Give it a day to clear up... GW is notorious for this stuff. As for what's causing it? I'd be skeptical and say your account and relatives account are on two different servers within the cluster of servers and your server is having a problem today.
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Old Oct 25, 2010, 01:20 AM // 01:20   #3
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If all else fails, reinstall?
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