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Old Nov 05, 2010, 04:16 PM // 16:16   #1
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Default Consistant freeze in Zaishen Menagerie?

Hello all,

I heard about the simplicity of death levelling a pet in the Z.M. so I decided I'd head over there on my sin and put my pet in and get started.

I clicked the Z.M. icon, and teleported fine, then walked over to the gate guard and asked to be transported into the actual Menagerie. No issues yet. I ran over the bridge, and got about 2 seconds worth of running further, then suddenly my game froze. It unfroze after a solid 5 minutes or so, but then re-froze after moving around for another 3 seconds. I could move my cursor, but the actual game was unresponsive. Exited out of the game (via the red x), and re-launched Guild Wars to try again. I got the same results. Tested about 5 more times, same result each and every time. I then tried to do the same thing on a different character, and got the same results.

Any idea what could be causing this? I'm gonna mess around in other areas a little more and see if I'm getting freezes there too, or if it's just the Z.M. that's doing it.

Hopefully someone has some insight,
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Old Nov 05, 2010, 05:33 PM // 17:33   #2
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Did you try turning off post processing effects? Maybe there's something in there that's choking your video card.
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Old Nov 05, 2010, 05:40 PM // 17:40   #3
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I had a similar problem right before my card stopped running the game altogether. It seemed to lock up trying to render the 3D video of the stream under the bridge. I then started getting more and more of them until the game locked up running at all (not even to the login screen), and I had to push the power button and restart. I hope you don't have this problem too.

I would agree with the post above me that turning off post process effects and maybe lowering the graphics to see if it changes anything could help troubleshoot some.

Any trouble anywhere else? If so, some system stats could help with others troubleshooting.
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